England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, June 1, 2015

Last Email Home

Well it’s been a pretty good week!

We spent all of Tuesday in the city for meetings, not getting home until 11 pm that night because of the traffic.  Crazy- but the meeting was super good.  While there I realized how much President Jordan counsels with Zone Leaders to know how to help the mission. It was good.

A busy day of teaching on Wednesday and preparing for Zone Meeting on Thursday.  We have 18 missionaries in our Zone.  It went pretty good.  We trained about setting goals, and about having effective studies.   Following training we did an exchange.   I got to spend the day with a young convert to the church.  He was converted through a good friend.  He has a neat conversion story.

Friday we were attempting to do some service for this great member in the area.  It was raining like crazy.  He said here get in my car, I know what we can do.  Then half way there he was like we going to pizza hut!  We had an appointment in an hour, so we made it fast.   That afternoon we went to the campus and taught some students there.  We had a recent convert with us for one of the lessons and three for another lesson.   One of the investigators is on date for the end of June. A super good day. 

We had our baptism on Saturday and it was a pretty good day.  Stressful as always because there is so much to do and so little time. But it went well.   A very spiritual baptism.  A little four year old was sitting next to the font, as we were in the water I mentioned it to him.  He just looked like a guy that won the lottery.  Then he was baptized.  It was great!   Sunday he was confirmed a member of the church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was an awesome experience. 

Tonight we are teaching two recent convert families how to hold Family Home Evening. So it’s going to be a blast!

This is my last email.   Next Monday night or Tuesday morning we drive to the city, drop off my suitcases.   Have a little time in the city while waiting for my final interview with President Jordan.  Then a departing dinner that evening with the Jordans.  On Wednesday morning we get up and get ready. Then the shuttle comes and gets us and we go to the airport. That is that.  Next Tuesday is the Mission’s P-day so I will not be emailing that day. I will just see you the next day! Very late though….

Favorite quote for the week.  “Have I prepared to act, or am I waiting to be acted upon?”

Well thanks everyone for all that they have done, see you all in a week…well  10 days.  

 Love, Elder Stevenson

England London Mission Video of "Glorious"

P.S. I don't know if anyone saw this, but this is my mission doing a song, I didn't make the cut however... but I am not surprised by it....haha -   Elder Stevenson

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Good Week!

{sorry for the late update- internet issues and a really busy week at home for mom as well- Tammy}

This is going to be short- not a lot of time to email.   Attended a Stake Activity this morning and headed to another city tonight for a training tomorrow.  We have been so busy lately time has been flying by.   My companion and I are getting along great and loving it. 

Last week was pretty good.   It was rained quite a bit lately- grateful to have a car at times like that. 

One of our investigators is going so great!  We taught the commandments and there was a bit of hesitation with them and I was heartbroken.  But two days later we went by and there wasn’t any problem anymore.  The whole family came to church last week and stayed for all three hours. He is planning to be baptized this weekend!  Super Great!!!!!  I will definitely miss this family!

For training this week we talked about the importance of the scriptures in our lives. Then connecting it to our investigators and how we are able to help our investigators getting connected to the scriptures.  Because the scriptures will always be there for them.  So as we help them see how it can answer their questions it will help them.  Loved it!

Thanks for everything!  Love, Elder Stevenson 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Faith to Find!

It has been an awesome week!  We went to the city and spent the night there before the leadership meeting and then drove back the next day.  It takes four hours on a good day to get there and more with traffic.  It was a really good meeting!

I was just pondering the other day on why things are so good.  And it came to me Ether 12:6- you receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. My faith has been tried for 2 years and we have had so many blessings the last week! 

We had about 15 minutes that afternoon waiting for everyone so my companion and I decided to go down the busiest street in that city and do some finding.  We found this guy who didn’t speak English, with the help of our iPads we were able to translate and explain we could get him a copy of the Book of Mormon in his language if he was interested.  He said ya, and so we headed to the visitor’s center.  Once there, the missionaries were able to take over and visit with him.  So it was really cool. It doesn’t take time to find people it takes faith!

We had exchanges this week with an AP, one of the guys I came out with, it was super fun.  We took him by a family we have been working with and he said they were the best family he had ever meet on his mission.

This family is amazing.  The wife contacted us the first week I was here. We went by and gave one lesson that week.  She was a member and they were thinking their lives were missing something.  This last week we taught them three times.   He accepted a baptismal date of June 14th.  So exciting.  This Sunday was Stake Conference and so President Jordan and his wife were here.  We talked to him and asked if he would go and teach this super cool family with us.  He agreed.  We were teaching them about the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was really strong in their home.   I began to bear my testimony and shared my personal experience with the Plan of Salvation in relation to Kenny’s death.  This family has lost a close friend recently.  President Jordan added a few words and everyone in the room was crying. It was a very emotional and spiritual experience.  It was go great.  President asked when the baptism day was and he said June 14th- President asked if he wanted to move that up to the end of May and he agreed.  Then we started talking about eternal families and the husband was asked who he wanted to be with in the Celestial Kingdom, and he answered with his wife and children. The wife was asked and she said with her husband and children.  The children had been playing there and the oldest spoke up and said she wanted to be with mommy and daddy too.  We then committed them to set a goal to be married in the temple one year from now. It was so amazing! I would serve my mission another 2 years to have the opportunity to teach another awesome family like this.  They are so awesome!!!   

Another find this week- a referral on our phone from the Internet.   After the great meeting with the family we were just loving life and decided to stop by this one.  We get there and a teenager opens the door.  Asks if we are the Mormons and invites us in.  Come to find out he had been researching the church online and referred himself!   He loved what he had reading and 5 minutes into the conversation said I want to become a Mormon, how do I become a Mormon?   What a mature and sincere kid- such a great kid!

We have to prepare for a training for tomorrow in Zone Conference and we have to finish that up and so not a lot of time. And sorry no pictures- honestly we haven’t had any time to even take them.

At the Stake Conference Saturday evening meeting, the Presiding Authority had all  the missionaries stand and then had us sit down in order according to how long we have been out. So since I have been out the longest, he had me come and bear my testimony to the congregation. It was a very cool meeting. Loved it!  Love my mission and the time is just flying by!

Thanks for everything, things are going great!  Love, Elder Stevenson

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another Quick and Busy Week

After transfers on Wednesday and spending some time in rush hour travel,  the rest of the week was really quick.  I love the new area.  We have a car so that is a different thing.  Not necessarily good or bad, just different.  I hope I don’t get too fat this transfer with the car. Because we have a car, we can live on the edge of town and it’s cheaper out there.  So we have an actual 2 bedroom house- two stories, it is super nice.  We have a back lawn with trees and bushes and everything. It is the most “feels like home” flat that I have been in because we really do live in a home.

There have been a lot of baptisms in the ward in the last few months.  A lot of them are university students and have shared the gospel with their friends, so some more investigators from the university as well.  But it’s finals time here for the next couple of weeks and then summer break, so might not be a lot going on with some of them.   Some of the students are headed home for the summer and some are taking some vacations during the break.  This is the biggest ward I have been to as well, about 150-160 members. 

A couple of the missionaries in the zone I served with in previous areas. But for the most part a lot of new faces for me.  There are 18 missionaries in the Zone and because there are two Zone Leaders, I will be doing less exchanges in the Zone than I did in the last District.  I get along great with my companion.  We are very similar and have a lot of fun together. 

We have a leadership conference in a neighboring city tomorrow and are planning to drive part way there tonight and stay with some other Elders before driving into the city. Because we will not be back for a Stake meeting we were asked to typed up a report on how iPads are going in the Zone.    So we are really busy and have little time today.

Thanks for everything!   Love, Elder Stevenson

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Transfers and iPads

This has been an interesting week.  We had the meeting with Elder Kearon (area president of the Europe Area) and Elder Nielsen (Seventy serving on executive board of directors for the missionary department.)  It was a good meeting.  They talked a lot about agency, repentance and faith.  They were there to train us on the use of iPads, but it was not any technical stuff- it was all spiritual stuff.   It makes me think of the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 29:34- “Wherefore, verily I say unto you that all unto me are spiritual, and not at any time have I given unto you a law which was temporal; neither any man, nor the children of men; neither Adam, your father, whom I created.”   

Basically we were smart enough to learn to use iPads, but they were training us on the spiritual understanding and doctrines around protection.  The iPads are made in partnership with Apple and the church, so they are extremely restrictive, any time that we get an app, President Jordan will get an email saying it.  There is an app catalog similar to the App Store, which has all the apps that are approved. We are able to access any church websites, but nothing else.  But as they said, the first filter is not the built in restriction, the first filter is your using your agency for personal righteousness.  It was a super good meeting.  

The meeting was from 9 to 4.  We were told we were given the iPads for two reasons.
1-      To preach the gospel to all nations, connecting with people previously missed by more traditional missionary work.
2-      To learn good habits on the Internet and on this technology that will benefit us throughout our lives.  In that way a mission really is to prepare you for life.

With one full day in a neighboring town for that meeting, we had a couple of full days of appointments back in our area.  We were able to catch up with one whom we have not been able to see for a long time.  Then we had a long day with the Zone Meeting- the longest in the mission. That’s when we actually got the iPads and it took a long time to get all 18 of them set up.  Met another guy with a lot of questions all based on anti Mormon things.  Following a discussion with him, we testified to him and told him to go read the Book of Mormon and then to come up a list of questions from there. It was a pretty good lesson.  We have a couple of other investigators who are progressing along nicely as well.  And a couple who cancelled their appointments this week.   

Sunday was good in the ward. Monday was a banking holiday and so the kids were out of school.  We were able to do some service for a family in the area.  And because of no school the ward had a little 5k run/walk. It was super fun.  Just a fun fact, I won- with a time of 23:35. No one expected it, not even me.  The ward is full of people that run marathons and compete.  It was super fun.   I love this ward- it is awesome!

We got phone calls from President earlier than normal on Monday.  And I am moving.  I have been called to be a Zone Leader in another area.  I am very sad to leave this ward, there are a lot of mixed emotions towards it.  It will be fun and a great opportunity for me, but I would have loved to stay here for my last 5 weeks.   I found out on Sunday that I have a far distant relative that is buried in the cathedral in the area where I have called.  How crazy is that!

Things have been going great, I am in love with my mission. I never thought it would come to this point, but I was just talking with some members yesterday and he asked what my thoughts were with my mission. I was like, it’s all I know really. I don’t remember very much of my home social life. The three things I remember are working on the farm, my family and missionary work.  It’s just been part of my life for the last two years so it’s going to be a big change when I leave it all behind. 

I am so proud of the District and who we are becoming, I have gotten very attached to this District and the ward.  Putting all my mind and heart into them, and I am very sad to leave them. I actually cried as I think of leaving them. I love them and will miss them.  But the new area is where I need to be, so here I go!

Thanks for all you do! And I will see you in five weeks.

Love, Elder Stevenson

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Exchanges, Finding and Great Stake Conference

I had a lot of exchanges this week.  And a lot of finding.  And Stake Conference.  Also a little service in there.  One of the exchanges was right by the ocean. 

For service we helped a family clean up their backyard.  There was a pond there and they want to remove it, but the landlord doesn’t want to.  So for safety reasons, having two kids, they filled it with wood.  But since it rains so much, it got filled in with water anyway.   A lot of wood bogged with water and then mud and gunk and stuff.  We started to clean it out.  It was pretty gross.  We did find a lizard living in the pond. The family had never seen a lizard before- so we caught it for their kid to see when  getting home from school.

We did find one new guy this week.  Also were able to teach a few from previous weeks.  One is very sincere and has a lot of questions.  Another doesn’t really have a belief in God, but really wants to find out if there is one, because he knows it would benefit his life.  One we found last week is doing really good, studying everything in depth.  And our baptism is still on for May 9th.  That is an awesome one!  So grateful to be able to lead by the spirit in missionary work to find that one.  

Found out that a member's father spent some time Burley, Idaho on his mission. It’s been some time ago, but he remembers little old Idaho!  What a small world.

Then we had Stake Conference and it was a wonderful weekend.

One of them spoke about asking questions.   How questions come about from misunderstanding, or finding out history of the church that they were unaware of which leads them to asking questions.  He talked about how sincere is the question you are asking. Is it s a very important question to ask, or is it one that is on your mind but doesn’t really affect anything.  He then explained about how we should not let what we know be trumped by the questions upon which we do not yet understand.  One of his examples.   In the 1880’s a man claimed the Book of Mormon could not be true because it talked about having metal for swords, and he didn’t think that would be possible then.  In the 1950’s another said it could not be true for the same reason.  The whole time the church doesn’t say anything about it.  Then in the 1960’s an archaeologist finds an iron sword that was hardened into metal that dates back to 700 BC. Before Lehi was told to leave Jerusalem.  A question that could have caused a lot of people to question was answered years later.  But it was years later.  Someone could have had that question stop their progression in the gospel.   Now it was corrected.  He also talked about how in today’s time there are a lot of questions that individuals have. Which sometimes there are no logical answers to please them, but that the time will come in which they will be answered, either in this life, or in the life to come.

Another spoke about is our current sacrifice sufficient enough.  Basically are we giving our best or are we withholding from the altar of sacrifice.  Three examples that he used- Tithes and Offerings, Worshiping through singing (not just sitting there during the hymns,) and having a broken heart and contrite spirit.   It was a really good stake conference. There is another special broadcast Stake Conference scheduled hopefully before I come home with a visiting authority.  That would be an awesome thing!

Other than that not a lot going on. 

Thanks for everything.  Love, Elder Stevenson

Monday, April 20, 2015

Yard Work- Love Service!

We were able to do some service this week.  Helped a member clean their yard.  In England what happens is in the winter you have moss that begins to spring up and then it gets a little warm and it just grows like crazy.  The moss grows throughout the grass and under the trees, trampoline and everywhere.  So we spent a while on that, and filled 5 black bags and a big garden waste bin full of grass clippings, moss and weeds.  I love just getting service in.  It was like 22 degrees Celsius which is like 70 degrees F.  It was a pretty warm and I got a little tan on this week, already have the farmer’s tan going on.  Another time we were able to work with another member and work in his yard as well.  This time I was pruning a huge bush with blackberry vines growing through it.  So it was an adventure!

In addition to some of our appointments this week, we have come across some potentials in the area book.  So we are working to stopping by them all.  One that we stopped by was like ya I would love to meet with you.  We went back for our first lesson with them.  This person left the church as a teenager and just didn’t really know about things anymore.   So we are planning to go through all of the lessons again with them. We are pretty excited about this one.

Another lesson with a person who had heard some things about the apostasy and had some questions.  We tried to explain in some depth how the apostasy took place and why it took place. But it didn’t really make it all click.  So I just testified my heart out.  I said that I knew the events happened, that I didn’t know it by any evidence that people have shown me, nor by any study that I have done.  But that I knew by the power of the Holy Ghost it was true.  When I said that, there were no more questions about it.  The conversation continued from there.  What about Joseph Smith?  We talked about how it either happened or it didn’t.  The question, so if Joseph Smith did see the vision what?  If the vision really happened then Joseph Smith was a prophet, which would mean the church was true.  So what if Joseph Smith didn’t see the vision?  Then Joseph Smith was a liar and a coward, and would be leading people astray.  Exactly!  It is either true or it’s not, there is not a gray area.  So the person committed to pray about it.  Making good progress.  It was wonderful!

Another investigator is doing great- with a strong sincere desire now to know it’s true.   The district is doing really good.  Four of the five areas have someone on date for baptism. We have 10 on date for baptism in total.  Things for the district have really taken off again!

This week in church the missionaries were asked to do a musical number for sacrament meeting.  My companion and one of the other sisters can really sing, and other sister is good at the piano.  Somehow my voice got dragged into it. But it was a really good musical number, it was “If the Savior Stood Beside Me.”   The bishopric asked us to start to prepare one for next month already.  It was awesome!

We had been told about getting ipads some months ago. But nothing happened.  We received word we will be getting them the end of this month after some special training.   Have to see how that goes.

Funny moment- I stopped a guy on the street this week.  He was like I am an atheist. I was like oh really?  He was like ya I am 98% atheist and 2% agnostic, just in case.  Then he walked off.

Thanks for emails, prayers and such. 

Love, Elder Stevenson

Monday, April 13, 2015

Work, Work, Work and Loving it!

Pretty quick this week with emailing on Tuesday.  The rest of the week went really fast.

We had dinner with a member one night this week that works with a major company who supplies big companies for the sugar industry.  I was like what- we got talking and I asked if he knew Amalgamated Sugar.  He was yea- he had called them a while back and sees them at different conferences and meetings and such.  I was like that is so weird.  He works in a neighboring city and travels all other the world visiting different places. He was telling me about farming in Brazil.  It was pretty cool to talk to someone once again that knows about farming.  He was super cool. 

Another exchange this week.  It was good, with the only Elder that I didn’t know that well in the district. So now I know them all!  Love being able to serve others.  Since being out so long I have realized how much experience I really have in the mission field. I take a lot of knowledge and understanding for granted. Just think that everyone has it when in fact, not everyone is at the same level of understanding.

One of other investigators has moved back their baptism date. Wanting to make sure they are really ready for the commitment.  Still making progress and learning more all the time. Another is still committed to a baptism in the middle of May- loving church and life at this point!  For service we are able to do a little gardening at least once a week.

I had my first ice cream from an ice cream truck the other day- the first in my whole life! 

One day we were out stopping a lot of people and my companion said it didn’t feel right to him.  He didn’t think we were in the right area at that time.  We went a little more and he said he wanted to call the Bishop and have him say a prayer with us.  That sounded like a good plan, so we did. The Bishop gave us the names of a few people to stop by.  The first one was asleep. The second one was gone. The third one was a partly active family.  They let us in and for the first time in a long time the father sat in for the lesson.  And then we stopped by a lady who said she knew a lot about all other churches, but not much about ours and she was wanting to know more about it.  This excited my companion and me a lot.  We were able to see some miracles along the way.  So great to be working with him! 

Other than that not a lot going on, just work, work, work and loving it! I love being a servant of our Heavenly Father!

Thanks for everything!

Love, Elder Stevenson

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Love feeling the spirit so strong!

Went on exchanges again this week- like all weeks.   We had planned to go this one place and find by the way there.  With it being Easter break we knew that there would not too many people there.   So planned to stop by a few people and talk with everyone else we saw.  That morning we woke up to rain! But we started out anyway after studies.  The Elder I was with had worked this area before and said he had never walked this far without talking to someone.  We thought about going back and started going back, but didn’t feel right about it. I prayed to know what we should do.   And we headed back with the original plan of going to see the one member and talk with everyone.  We saw two people on the way.  I still feel strongly that we should continue.  I saw a person just down the street and ran to meet them.  He wasn’t interested at all.  With a prayed in my heart of “help us find this person, ” we continued down the street.  And a lady was there.  We explained that we were sharing an Easter message. She didn’t even know what the Easter holiday was all about.  We explained why.  And asked if we could meet with her one time and give her a website to check out.  She was like ya, can we exchange numbers?  We were shocked of course and said yes we can.  Then we went on our way.  We both knew that we were meant to go see her that day. The lady ended up watching conference, met with the missionaries and is now preparing to be baptized in May!    It was such a wonderful experience to have.  I love feeling the spirit so strongly in missionary work that you are literally being guided to where you need to be. And those being guided to where you are! It is wonderful!

A couple of Elders in the area both ended up sick at the same time. We thought it might be a gas leak in their flat as it smelled like gas.  So they came to our flat for the night while theirs was checked out. (checked the next day and no problem there, just sick at the same time.)  The mission doctor suggested we take them out for a walk in the fresh air.  As we were walking with them, we came upon a lady with her dog.  We stopped to talk with her.  Three of us were in casual clothes and one in a suit- just weird.  But we were talking to her, playing with her dog and just visiting.  She had a lot of questions about God.  She was like that is so cool you guys talk to people about this stuff.  She is really awesome and open to the gospel. The spirit was there, which just goes to show you don’t have to be dressed like a missionary to be a missionary.  We are seeing her later this week.

One of our investigators agreed to watch conference on their phone while on vacation.  Another came watched conference and came to the Easter party and loved it!  Conference was so amazing, I loved it! So good and so inspired and everything was just awesome!!! Talked a lot about, I personally felt, the importance of being a strong member, relying on your own testimony and not the testimony of others or on relying on evidence.  But on the testimony that you have. 

The work is going so well at the moment and we are seeing so many miracles in our work.   Today was my last regular interview with President Jordan.  I have the feeling I will be staying here for my last transfer and continuing to work with the District.  It’s a great District and Zone to be in.  

Thanks for the emails, I love them. Talk to you next week.  Love, Elder Stevenson

Monday, March 30, 2015

What we have Become!

This week was the time for companion switch.  So a trip into London and getting my new companion and then back home to our area.  Spent the week visiting with some less actives and working with our investigators and checking back with some previous contacts.  One of our investigators came to church again and loves it.  Also had a Zone Meeting this week for most of one day.

Meeting people from all over the world gives me a chance to learn a little more about some other countries, their lifestyles and history.  So grateful that I am in England on my mission. 

Some of my recent converts made it to the temple this week.   They loved it!

We had dinner with several members this week.  And took a couple of them out teaching with us.  This ward is super keen on missionary work. They are just great!

One of the lessons taught by another this week was about the Book of Mormon and how it was written.   Based on a talk by Hugh Nibley.  It was compared to being given a writing assignment.  Being told to write 500 pages that is based 2000 years ago and has a story line complete with several different correctly identified geographical locations.  Also include a culture from that time frame.   Then write the book knowing it will be judged by millions of people looking for things that are wrong with your book trying to disprove it.  And you only have 60 days to finish the project.  Following the discussion, the family was challenged to read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and test it for themselves!  It was really good.  Got them to thinking about it.   

Another lesson was about why the need to be baptized into our church. In trying to explain, the question was asked- why did Jesus travel 80 miles to John the Baptist to be baptized.  In those 80 miles there had to be others who could baptize him, why did He go to John the Baptist.  Then switched to the Book of Mormon and discussed how Jesus Christ calls Nephi and says I give unto you power that you can baptize.  Talked about the importance of being baptized by the proper authority.  That’s why Jesus went to John the Baptist, to be baptized by proper authority.

We had a really good fireside on the plan of salvation and the importance of the atonement.  And how it can help in our lives.  We were able to have one of those we are working with come to it as well.  Really good for them to hear those things. 

Funny thing for the week:  I  was street contacting and talking with a guy. He kept talking about all these questions he had.  I was like what you are saying is you just have too many questions to not believe in God.  He was like no. What I am saying is there are just not enough answers!  He made me laugh.

Thought for the week:

“From such teachings we conclude that the Final Judgment is not just an evaluation of a sum total of good and evil acts—what we have done. It is an acknowledgment of the final effect of our acts and thoughts—what we have become. It is not enough for anyone just to go through the motions. The commandments, ordinances, and covenants of the gospel are not a list of deposits required to be made in some heavenly account. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a plan that shows us how to become what our Heavenly Father desires us to become.”  Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Thanks for all you do!  Love, Elder Stevenson

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Really blessed by good plans

We had a pretty quick week.  Did transfers in one of the other areas, actually in the same city, but a different ward that takes in part of the city.  We stopped by a former investigator and they weren’t home, so we just knocked a few doors around the area.   Found a wonderful lady who is looking for a way to strengthen her family.  It was really cool to talk with her, she is really prepared, hopefully things will turn out for her.

 Another day on exchanges in a different area- we started with a good plan, but everyone cancelled, so it turned into some good finding.  Later a member called and needed some help moving, so we were able to do some service there. 

For District meeting this week the training was about finding.  I had been studying “Preach My Gospel” with just the question of “How do we find people to teach?”  Time and time again I saw “placed in your path, “ “You placed in their path,”  it was all about a path.  Which is what ended up being the topic for training.   How we can be placed in the path of others.  The Lord expects us to use our time wisely and to be doing work.  If we are doing so and working with real intent, that no matter how we find- the people will be placed there as we have faith and as we are working hard.   Also some things about stopping by formers, potentials, less actives, part member families, active members and many other things.  But it was doing things so that we have a destination. If we just have a plan of going to town centre, we wander around town looking to stop people.  When we have a plan set out and when we was saying ok today we was walking to go see this person, the Lord places those people on our path.  We have a destination and that is when things happen.  For instance this last week we had a wonderful week of finding, all because we had good plans.  Effective plans- stopping by people and while walking we talked with everyone. Because of that we had been very blessed this week.

Taught one of our investigators in a member’s home this week and it was good.  He has been reading so much just since the last time we met. And he has changed so much.   Basically living the Word of Wisdom now, even cancelling some summer plans to go to a place that wouldn’t have been so good for him to be.  The gospel is changing his life. 

Had another investigator come to church on Sunday.  He loved it and felt like he was family.   Things are going really good for him.  He is working towards baptism. 

One of our good finds this week conditional committed to be baptized on April 25th. Which means if he comes to know it is true, he would be baptized.   We found him using the "by the way" finding.  Which means talking to everyone as we walk to places.  

Staying in the same area for this transfer and getting a new companion.  It should be good.  Only other change in the district is one sister will be training this transfer.

Things are going really good here.  I cleaned out our back patio, it was really full with leaves and dirt. I took a broom and swept it nice, then last night coming home a person was giving away a chair. So now we have a nice patio with a chair for when it gets warmer.  We did some service this week and turned dirt over in a huge garden by shovels.  It was warm and so I was just in my shorts and short sleeved shirt.  It’s not hot yet, but hopefully soon.

Great news- heard from a recent convert from a previous area and they are going to the temple this weekend!

Thanks for all the support and prayers! Love, Elder Stevenson

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I know that Christ Lives! I love being a Missionary!

This has been another quick week.  And it’s the end of another transfer.  

In the scriptures it talks about the sons of Mosiah and how they were troubled in their missionary service.  They were getting rejected, being stoned and many other harsh things that were going on for them.  And they began to turn back.  Turning back in there meant going home.  But I have been thinking, there are things in today’s time of turning back and it’s different. 
  • It may be becoming disobedient, because it isn’t fun to be obedient anymore. 
  • It may be literally turning back and wanting to go home. 
  • It may be having your mind on home and your feet in the mission. 
  • It may be focusing so much on things of the world, and not the things of God.
  • It may be being preoccupied with other things. 
But as a missionary you are expected to devote all your time and attention to serving the Lord, leaving behind all other personal affairs.  And in the missionary call letter it states that as you serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength that you will be led to those who are ready to be baptized.  Being on a mission for awhile now, I know how true that is.

Laugh for the week. There was a drunk guy walking and he was really falling over. I was like hey are you alright. He was like, ya, I am fine, just a bad back.  As he stumbles down the street. Me and my companion were like what the heck...

This week I was with an elder that doesn’t believe he can baptize. Which is wrong.  Missionaries are called to serve, to invite others to come until Christ through baptism.  Missionaries can baptism.  And if more missionaries believed that, they would have more baptisms.  I remember a story about a missionary in a hard mission whose trainer said they could baptize every month. That young missionary took it to heart and he baptized every month.  There are some areas that are more challenging than others. But there are people that are being prepared no matter where you serve.

I have been reading the Book of Mormon again and during Christ’s ministry it touched me so much this week how real it was. I know that Jesus Christ lives, with spiritual experiences that I have had, I know that He Lives!

As for missionary work this week.  I went on a couple of exchanges as we are getting to the end of the transfer again.  On one of the exchanges, it was fun to meet up with a guy we had met some weeks before. He had been on vacation and now home, so we were able to meet with him again.  He was raised in another church, but it looking for something else.  He loves how we focus on families during the meetings.  He loves the church!  

Got to spend some time with the new Elder in the area as well.  We were able to do service one evening.  Cleaning out a shed.  We were able to burn all of the old things from in there.  First fire in 21 months.  I loved it!  It was cool.  He’s a really cool guy also and recent convert with a funny sense of character. 

Another investigator is here in the area going to university.  It was so cool.  He had read the Book of Mormon and hadn’t felt anything.  But during the lesson the spirit was really strong.  He had wondering about how important baptism was. It’s a question he has had for the last five years.  This is something that I had been in thought over for the last three months.  Baptism, the ordinance and what baptism does.  Remission of sins and how we receive it and so on.  When he asked this question, I was like…. There is a reason I met him.  I showed him some scriptures about baptism.  And  I was able to explain that the physical baptism is the outward sign and is very important.  But baptism should also be an inward commitment.  They are both crucial to baptism.  At that point the Spirit touched him and he just sit quietly looking at that scripture and pondering over it.  At the end of the lesson he accepted to come to church.  He took to heart the testimonies that he heard and understands this is not just another church, but it is the Church of Jesus Christ.  

Lessons like that are what make me grateful to be a missionary.  I love it!

Love, Elder Stevenson

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another quick week, they are going fast...

We had some time before an appointment one night and so did a little street contracting.  The first guy asked if we were Mormons- I was like ya you could say that.   We went to a bench and started talking. He has quite an interesting line of work that requires moving from place to place.  He had started learning about the church in a previous area and hadn’t followed up since then.  He doesn’t live in our area, so we passed him to some other missionaries in the District.   Also met up with a teenager we have been meeting with for a few weeks. He’s getting ready to go into the army and just has some questions about life at this time.  It’s a big step and he is really interested in learning so much in his life. 

One day the missionaries in the neighboring area were not using the car, so we used it and went to visit some less actives in the little villages around here.  It was really cool.   I’m not that used to driving, but I loved the chance to do so again. 

Another evening we ran into a guy who tried to convince us to leave the church.   He had read all sorts of things and said we had been brainwashed.  We chatted for awhile.  He ended up by saying that he could see he wasn’t going to change our minds.  I explained that I still choose at the end of the day what I want to do.   What I do know is that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and that God is real if you were to take time and pray sincerely if He was there, you would be overcome by the spirit and would not be able to deny the truthfulness of the things we talked about.  He was like sorry guys, I need to get going. 

We had a Zone Conference in a city about couple hours away- at least two hours in traffic.  It was good. The meeting was really good.  It was all about finding and the different aspects of it. Faith in finding, finding through our own efforts and then member referrals.   It was good, I really enjoyed it.  President Jordan is awesome!  The four hours of driving time was really pretty fun as well.  We were a quite diverse group-  from America, Spain, Portugal, Brazil,and Ukraine.  What a mix!

We played basketball with some from the ward this week.  It was pretty good, just like old times. 

Then Sunday we had a great sacrament meeting and fireside that evening.  The guy speaking told how he was kind of going through the motions and saying things to please the missionaries. But it all changed when he went to church and partook of the sacrament.  The Spirit over came him and he knew it was true, without a doubt.   He went on to be baptized.  The fireside was really good, I took about four pages of notes from it. 

We went golfing again this week. The guy there asked if we wanted to have a contest playing for medals.  We agreed.   It ended in a tie with me and another missionary.  So the guy said to play one more hole as the tie breaker. I really sucked that round so I got 2nd.  It was super close and super fun. 


Enjoying the spring weather- it’s beautiful.

Quote for the week- Ezra Taft Benson

“It is better to be prepared and prevent- than it is to repair and repent.”

Love, Elder Stevenson

Monday, March 2, 2015

March is already here! Spring Shots!

This week was a pretty good week. It went really quick.  Hit the 20th month mark in my mission. Like most weeks, we had a number of appointments that didn’t work out.  We also checked with a few less actives.  It’s been great in the ward to work with them.  We have been getting some to come out to church.  That is wonderful to see!   Also did some finding.  As a district we are working hard to find more people.  I love the district!

Had a Zone Meeting in another town and went on a transfer this week in another town.  We ended up having a really cool experience there.  We stopped by a less active member for a lesson.  At first she said she was not interested in coming back to church.   We talked about the importance of church and she said that she believed, but she was not going to come back to church.  After more talking, she agreed the church was important, but she was not interested in going.  I was just stumped for any other words, so I just prayed to Heavenly Father and asked what does this lady need to make the necessary change.  At which time I felt the spirit very strong. I knew that I couldn’t do anymore, I could only do so much but she wasn’t going to come back.  Then another thought came to mind.  My badge.  I stopped her mid-sentence and just said Madam, look at this badge. What is really big on it. She said Jesus Christ.  I said yes, exactly, I take upon myself the name of Christ, that means I am a special representative of Him. I have been set apart for this. I have been given spiritual power to be a missionary.  So it is not me asking you and pleading with you to come to church but it is Christ Himself.  I just looked at her and said Christ is telling you to come back and He is using us His messengers in doing so. I knew it was not me that came up with it, because it was very bold. Something that I normally don’t do with less actives when barely meeting them. She felt the spirit, I felt the spirit and the other missionary felt the spirit.  We all knew what I was saying was true.  But in the end, she just said, you won’t get me back to church and have a good night.  There was nothing else I could do.  I felt like the prophets of old, calling people to repentance.  Even though she didn’t respond as we would have liked, it was a pretty touching experience.

Had one lunch with an elder who was returning home this week.   Breakfast with a family from a previous area and some time catching up about the members there.  Went to a ward baptism and got to meet the new Elder in our district.  He’s a recent convert and is really funny.  He’s the only member of his immediate family. 

In my studies this week I was reflecting back on my study journal.  I found a quote by President Jordan- “Covenants are a commitment to become more like the Savior.”  And it got me to thinking about another quote, “Judgment is not just about what you have done, but what you have become.”  That the purpose of this life is to learn, grow and in the very essence become like the Savior. To become something that is better than what we now are.

Thanks for all that you do.   Love, Elder Stevenson

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Good Week!

We finished up the AUF- Address Unknown Files- for the ward.  It’s taken us several weeks, but we were able to update all of the information.  It’s gone pretty well. 

The other day was National Pancake day here.  A member cooked us pancakes that evening.   Here they are considered kinda  a dessert.  They are like super flat pancakes, kind of like crepes, and then they put ice cream in them with syrup.  They are supper good.   HaHa Get it (Supper) ahah oh- the jokes never get old!

Spent a lot of time out of my area this week.   One day was spent in a neighboring city for Leadership Meetings.   It only takes about an hour and half to go by car, but that’s in good traffic.  With rush hour it could take four hours.  So we headed out at 4:30 in the morning not wanting to be late.  The two district leaders and the two zone leaders in one car.  It was a cool drive.  There was an amazing sunrise that we got to watch over the country side.

The meeting was really good.   We ended up having a couple of visiting authorities also speak to us at the meeting in addition to our Mission Leadership.  One from the Presidency of the Seventy and one from the European Area Presidency.  They were in town for another meeting and heard about our conference.  So President asked them the night before it they would like to come. They were thrilled with the invite.  One of them said it was not a coincidence; the Lord had it in His plans. It was a powerful meeting.  We were counseled to carefully consider our goals.  We have a short amount of time and we need to do all that we possibly can in a day to do the work that the Lord has for us to do.  We were also counseled that we should choose the type of missionary we want to be.  Then constantly reflect that in our actions.  To serve with all your heart and lose yourself in the work.  Then who you need to be will develop.  When you lose yourself, the Lord changes you into what He wants you to be.  Also counseled to use the mission as a time to establish who you are and the rest of your life you need to remain true to who you are.  Something interesting- we were told we are expected to become converted personally and we can be hold accountable for that expectation.  Convert yourself.  When that happens the rest will follow.  If our missions haven’t changed us, then we are failing as missionaries.   We were admonished to be righteous leaders.  Whole nations can be destroyed and suffer in unbelief if it was not for righteous leaders- one example is Moroni.  The training was all day, so we didn’t leave the city until 6:00 which was towards the end of the rush hour traffic. The missionary who drove in, didn’t want to drive back, so I did.  Wow! That was a mess.   But we had a good time.  It was a really good opportunity, we had a good chance to talk about things.  And a good time to reflect.

Then a couple more days on transfers with some other missionaries in other areas.  One of the exchanges was with another missionary who came out with me.  Seems I am always around some of the guys I came out with.  It’s nice.

President and Sister Jordan came our ward and spoke on Sunday.  It was super cool.   Then we had a fireside for the youth and YSA (Young Single Adults) with them that evening.  It was all about missionary work and missionary prep.  President Jordan asked us to share some experiences with them as well. It was pretty cool. 

I found out I became a grandfather this week.   So in a mission you become a “father” when you train someone "your son."  Then “your son” becomes a “father” when they train someone- making you a “grandfather.”  This week I saw one I trained, with his new companion that he is currently training. We were able to get a picture together- it was really fun. 

Did service at one of the schools in the area and ran into a young lady from a previous area I served in my mission. It was weird!  But it was a good day of service.

 A good week- thanks for the letters, emails and prayers.  Love, Elder Stevenson

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Quick Week

We played golf on P-day.  The deal was the top three didn’t have to pay for dinner. The remaining seven would buy the dinner for the group.  Ha Ha  I killed it!  Won the whole thing by one stroke.

We met up with the Portuguese speaking guy again this week.  He and my companion had a good lesson together.  It would have been a nightmare if my companion tried to translate so I could understand. So I just sit there and thought about everything I could possibly think about in my life!  It was a long hour. 

Followed up with some others this week as well. And had a lot of no shows this week, which means a lot of finding time.   One person said they never let guests into their house.  But we had met them one day and when we stopped by to teach, the person said they could feel just a comfort that they could trust us.  It was really fun to visit with them.  Looking for a church that talks about eternal life and what we need to do to attain eternal life.  It was a miracle to find this one.    One of the people came up to us and gave us all of their cigarettes and lighters and said they were done with them. A really good step forward. 

The ward had a baptism on Saturday and we gave the musical number.  We sang “Teach Me to Walk.” It went pretty good overall. 

Success on Sunday, we had three less actives come to church.  That was great, hope it continues. One is thinking of giving up their job at the present because it interferes with attending church.  What an awesome guy!   Had a great dinner with some young people in the ward.  It was cool. 

Listened to a talk this week about Jesus Christ in Gethsemane by Andrew Skinner- it was super good.  Made me think a lot differently about things.

Sorry this is short, just not a whole lot to say, and not a lot of time.  Thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Stevenson

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Staying Here!

Not a lot to talk about for the week, so it will be a short one.  We had supper with a super cool family in the area.  He is really young and in the Stake Presidency.  In fact his Mission President was still on his mission when this gentleman was put into the Stake Presidency.  A really neat guy.

We have found a few new people this week in our searching.  One didn’t know much about Jesus Christ and was really interested in learning all he could about Christ.  We talked for about 50 minutes all about Jesus Christ.  He was really interested. 

On transfers this week spend the day with a missionary on his birthday.  A really fun Elder.  We were able to meet up with a family who has been investigating the church for years. They are planning to be baptized in a few weeks.  

Another person we stopped said they didn’t need a church and weren’t interested in attending any church.  We proceeded to teach the Restoration lesson with them. It was a really good lesson, the spirit was there and strong.  They felt it and in the end committed to come to church with us.  A super cool contact.

We also did some AUF’s this week.  That’s Address Unknown.  Basically from past records, we think the people might still live there, so go and check it out.  We walked for 80 minutes to one the other day.  A lot of walking on that day.

I saw an American flag the other day and had to take a picture of it.

Funny story this week. I was trying to teach at District Meeting this week about goals and the importance of having measurable goals.  But try as I might- I couldn’t say “measurable.”  It always came out as “miserable.”  I couldn’t say it right for like 30 times.  The whole District was just cracking up laughing at me. I couldn’t say it then and I still can’t.  But Hey- English isn’t my first language?!?!?

We had a couple of opportunities of service this week also.  One was helping a family clean out a shed and storage area.  Some of their things in there were just dripping wet in water. I mean what else would it be wet with. It was pretty cool helping them sort through the things.  Another day we helped to transform a kitchen. That was an all day project, I wish I have taken before and after shots.  It was pretty cool.

Just a thought for the week.  Alma 29:10- “I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some souls to repentance.”   We need to remember who we are. I am not the gardener, I am not the growth, I am only a tool. It’s my duty to stay clean and lubricated so that I can work properly in the hands of the Lord.

I am staying in the same area with the same companion. 

Thanks for Everything all of you are doing.   Love, Elder Stevenson

Monday, February 2, 2015

Exchange Miracles

It’s February, that is so crazy to think. I remember February 2 years ago I got my mission call.   Time is flying by…. This week was an alright week.  As the end of transfer is coming I needed to finish getting the rest of the companion exchanges done.  So I went out on two this week.  I meet a lot more people that way, so it is good.   I was able to go out with a greenie missionary this week.  He was 18 and kind of what I was like when I came out. It is weird to think back and see how much has changed since then. My personal life, my spiritual life, my math skills (they have dropped) and a lot of other things have changed since then. We were out finding people and trying to build up the area.  We came across someone who was completely anti-religious to anything. We were just trying to talk and it was going nowhere.  I was prompted to talk about the Book of Mormon and so I pulled one out and asked if they had ever seen it. The reply was “ohh…. I am reading that book right now. I love it.  Are you the Mormons?”  We were like “yea I guess you could say that.”   They had only been reading it online, so we gladly shared the copy with them and gave the contact information so they could contact the missionaries when finished reading the book.

On the other exchange this week, we stopped by a potential investigator with whom the missionaries have previously left a family proclamation with.  They had read it and had a couple of questions about it.  We were attempting to answer the questions, and the other Elder was prompted to ask if they had ever heard of the Book of Mormon and explained it.  Then bore a testimony of his explanation. The person felt the spirit and accepted the Book of Mormon to read. So this week there were a lot of miracles while on exchanges.

When I came back to the flat after one of the exchanges, the other missionaries had taped some things upside down….oh missionaries these days!

At  Zone Meeting we talked about the importance and power of prayer, I really enjoyed it.  With Zone Meeting this week and the exchanges,  I didn’t spend a lot of time teaching or finding in my own area.  We were able to meet up with some we have been working with.  One of them is beginning to really understand the doctrine as they are studying and that is really nice to see.  Another is making a lot of improvements and we can really see the faith building taking place there. 

Had dinner with a couple of families in the area as well. I really love the ward here. Not that I have a favorite ward I have been in. But this one is great!  During testimony meeting a scripture came to mind. It was the qualifications for baptism in Doctrine and Covenants 20:37  “And are willing to take upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ, having a determination to serve Him to the end.”  And it really just made me think about what I am doing to take upon myself the name of Christ.  The sacrament prayer says take upon myself the name of Jesus Christ and always remember Him.  I think the best thing that helps me to take upon myself the name of Jesus Christ in the most literal sense is wearing my missionary badge.  Everyone that sees me recognizes that I believe in Jesus Christ.  And it just made me reflect on how great it is to stand as a witness of Christ in all times and in all places.  It was a lot of reflecting, but then it led me to reflect that it says by their fruits, you may know them.  That made me think what fruits am I showing that show that I am a witness of Christ?  So ya, it was a lot of thinking, but it was really good. I am so glad that I have had the chance to stand as a witness of Christ, even through persecution, being belittled, made fun of and threats.   All of it I have been so glad to stand as a witness of him.

Thought for the week   “Judgment is not just about what we have done; but rather it’s about what we have become.”   Ask yourself- What will you become because of what your mission has done to you?  Will you mission change you?   “Success on our mission is not just about what we have done; but it about who we have become.”

Thanks for all that you do. I really appreciate it. Love you all and thank you for the letters, emails and prayers.  Love, Elder Stevenson

Monday, January 26, 2015


It’s been a pretty good week. I was feeling better by Monday last week, so we went for p-day and did some work.  Unfortunately my companion got sick later in the week.  So I spend the day in the flat while he slept it off.  He was down for most of one day and part of the next day.  It wasn’t too bad. I took advantage of the time and listened to some good talks. And took all of the cups in the flat and built a tower!

We had some lessons with some less actives this week.  We are working hard to build relationships with them and help answer what questions they might have.   We try not to just resolve their concerns, our main objective is not to answer all of their questions, but to help them build a relationship with God and Jesus Christ.  As their faith grows, a lot of their questions and concerns are no longer relevant.  One even had an meeting with the Bishop and had a good chat with him.  We talked about how baptism is important, it’s the ordinance and needs to be done by proper authority.  Then it’s up to us to keep our covenants and receive blessings associated with that covenant. 

We were able to have some follow up lessons with some people we have been teaching.  One of them went really well.  Her mother had investigated the church years ago, but never joined.  A sister ended up joining later in life.  One of her children has been reading the Book of Mormon for a couple of years. 

This area does have a lot of rain and is cloudy most all days. But one day it snowed here!

I was on exchanges one day and the other Elder said let’s catch up and talk to that family.  So we headed out at a very brisk walk to catch up with them.  I was like this is nuts, they are going to think we are crazy, basically running up to them and talking to them.  But we stopped them and visited.  Ended up we had a message that was very helpful to the family.  We talked about how when we put on the Armor of God. It’s like we are protected both spiritually and physically from things.  We shared how the gospel could strengthen their family.

Coincidence? The Lord works in mysterious ways.  We were walking down the street one day and stopped a man. He said that he didn’t speak English.  We asked what he spoke and he said Portuguese. Well my companion happens to be fluent in Portuguese, so they talked away.  They really hit it off and talked for quite some time.  We had another lesson with him later in the week.  The whole thing was taught in Portuguese, so I was pretty lost you could say. Now I know what it feels like after the fall of the Tower of Babel.

The area is doing great a lot of people on date for baptisms in the District. We are seeing a lot of less actives and quite a few of them are doing really good. We have been doing a lot of finding and have a lot of success with that as well.  So it’s been a pretty good week.

Throughout reading the Book of Mormon again this time, it’s crazy to see how the Church of God went through so much hardship and trials, but that they were persecuted for the truth.  Such as Alma kept contending with anyone and everyone that would come to him because they had already apostatized and began to change the doctrine or to just have it be lost. Which has just been so real for me to read about this time.

Thoughts for the week

Spencer W Kimball-  “How little we realize the doors of opportunity that we oft close with one wrong decision.”

Ezra Taft Benson- “When obedience ceases to be our irritant and becomes our quest in that moment God will endow us with power.”

There are from a quote book I found in the flat!  I am loving it!

Thanks for everything that you do.  Love, Elder Stevenson

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Feeling better

On exchanges this week, we stopped by a less active and happened to wake him up. We tried a back a couple other times during the past weeks and then later again this week we were finally invited in.  He has a fun story about his conversion to the gospel.  He wasn’t interested in the church at all, but started going to church with his girlfriend.  Then started taking the lessons from the missionaries and ended up getting baptized.  He’s open the idea of coming back to church again now.  We ended up seeing him three times this week.  Found another less active who is also thinking it’s time to come back to church again.  He had a lot of questions in the past and when he moved, he just lost contact with the church.  Not let in by another, so stopped by a lady from last week.  She was home, which was good we had been trying without success to contact her earlier in the week.  We are seeing her again this coming week and hopefully have a good lesson with her.  Still working with a couple of other families as well.  One has started reading the Book of Mormon.

The tradition here is following District Meeting to go to an all you can buffet.  It’s a super cheap place to eat, so we did that this week.  Had another exchange this week, this time an overnight one as I needed to go a baptismal interview up there as well.   Ended up doing a lot of finding with them. 

This is a great ward.  It’s fun getting to know them more.   They are taking good care of us and feeding us.  We got to help with a mission prep class this week.  Didn’t get to go to church this week- I woke up sicker than a dog!  I woke up at 5 am and just felt awful, I thought I was hungry.  So I started an orange and felt worse.  I went back to bed but still didn’t feel better.  The stomach flu has been going around the mission, and it was my turn.  Just spent most of the day in bed.  Still did the call ins that night with the district, feeling the most awful in my whole life.  I just wanted to go to bed.  After the phone calls, that’s what I did.  I woke up the next morning though feeling much better.  So it’s a good thing!

Study of the week. We are continuing to study the Book of Mormon as a mission and I came across this last week. Mosiah 14:5 “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”  Which I really love this scripture because it is so easy to understand. It is clear that Christ did all of it for us. And that through his stripes we are healed.

This is a quote by Dallin H Oaks, “The intensity of our desire to share the gospel is a great indicator of the extent of our personal conversion.”  Which is something that quite a few people have talked about, but it’s just that when we have our own personal conversion, it is natural to then share it with others.

Thanks everyone for the letters, emails, love and prayers.

Love, Elder Casey Stevenson

Monday, January 12, 2015

Blessings of Fasting

This week was pretty fast. It seems that the weeks keep going faster and faster.  Before we know it… it will be harvest time again.

Sunday we fasted to find a family to teach.  That evening,  we stopped by a home.  The parent was not there, but their child was and said their parent would be here tomorrow and that we were more than welcome to come back.  So we stopped by and they are wanting to meet with us again.  An awesome family from an area where Kenny served his mission, they have family in that area still.  What a small world.  As a District we had fasted again this week to find families to teach.  Following that fast, we stopped by a former investigating family from several years ago. They were like ya- we would love to have the missionaries again… goodness how awesome is fasting!  Worked both times!

We are continuing to check on some less actives, making a lot of stop bys and also doing some other finding.  Went on exchanges with some of the Elders in the area and was able to meet a teenage girl that is getting baptized soon.  It was cool to see them and talk with them. 

Our District meetings are in our town.  We walk and all the other missionaries have cars in the District, so they drive to our area.  When I was on exchanges I asked if I could drive. They were more than happy for me to drive.  I was driving and he said to just pull up here. So I pull up. The sun was in the windscreen and like glare.  Ahead I saw no curb on the road and I couldn’t see if there was one or not to the side.  I just nailed the curb!  We heard this pop-whish!  We were all just like… what just happened. Well I popped the tire.  We got out and were just all laughing about it.  Good news is that we pulled up right in front of the door we needed.  They were doing some service for an investigator.  So they did the service and I changed the tire.  That makes 3 in the last 6 weeks.  One on the Zone Leaders car and one for a member in the last area, and this one here.  The missionaries I was with that day made a point at every appointment to tell them about the tire.  We had some good laughs about it!

We played football  with the ward one morning and it was super fun!  This ward is wonderful.  We had dinner with a couple of families in the ward.  Awesome families!

There is only one spot in the flat that our phone has service.  So I made a small table and sit at the window every other night for a couple of hours to do call ins.

This week we were talking about covenants and keeping our covenants. And helping others to keep their covenants.  And the difference between ordinances and covenants.  Ordinances are the earthly or outward expression. But covenants are the inward commitment to follow Christ. With the Priesthood being restored and correct doctrine we have a better understanding of it.  We were able to share the concept of making progress with a less active in the area and answer a question that had been bothering him and keeping him for keeping his covenants. 

Conclude with a quote:  from Neal A Maxwell – “God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we then prove our dependability, he will increase our capability.”

Thanks for everything! Love, Elder Stevenson