England London Mission

England London Mission

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another Quick and Busy Week

After transfers on Wednesday and spending some time in rush hour travel,  the rest of the week was really quick.  I love the new area.  We have a car so that is a different thing.  Not necessarily good or bad, just different.  I hope I don’t get too fat this transfer with the car. Because we have a car, we can live on the edge of town and it’s cheaper out there.  So we have an actual 2 bedroom house- two stories, it is super nice.  We have a back lawn with trees and bushes and everything. It is the most “feels like home” flat that I have been in because we really do live in a home.

There have been a lot of baptisms in the ward in the last few months.  A lot of them are university students and have shared the gospel with their friends, so some more investigators from the university as well.  But it’s finals time here for the next couple of weeks and then summer break, so might not be a lot going on with some of them.   Some of the students are headed home for the summer and some are taking some vacations during the break.  This is the biggest ward I have been to as well, about 150-160 members. 

A couple of the missionaries in the zone I served with in previous areas. But for the most part a lot of new faces for me.  There are 18 missionaries in the Zone and because there are two Zone Leaders, I will be doing less exchanges in the Zone than I did in the last District.  I get along great with my companion.  We are very similar and have a lot of fun together. 

We have a leadership conference in a neighboring city tomorrow and are planning to drive part way there tonight and stay with some other Elders before driving into the city. Because we will not be back for a Stake meeting we were asked to typed up a report on how iPads are going in the Zone.    So we are really busy and have little time today.

Thanks for everything!   Love, Elder Stevenson

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