England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Really blessed by good plans

We had a pretty quick week.  Did transfers in one of the other areas, actually in the same city, but a different ward that takes in part of the city.  We stopped by a former investigator and they weren’t home, so we just knocked a few doors around the area.   Found a wonderful lady who is looking for a way to strengthen her family.  It was really cool to talk with her, she is really prepared, hopefully things will turn out for her.

 Another day on exchanges in a different area- we started with a good plan, but everyone cancelled, so it turned into some good finding.  Later a member called and needed some help moving, so we were able to do some service there. 

For District meeting this week the training was about finding.  I had been studying “Preach My Gospel” with just the question of “How do we find people to teach?”  Time and time again I saw “placed in your path, “ “You placed in their path,”  it was all about a path.  Which is what ended up being the topic for training.   How we can be placed in the path of others.  The Lord expects us to use our time wisely and to be doing work.  If we are doing so and working with real intent, that no matter how we find- the people will be placed there as we have faith and as we are working hard.   Also some things about stopping by formers, potentials, less actives, part member families, active members and many other things.  But it was doing things so that we have a destination. If we just have a plan of going to town centre, we wander around town looking to stop people.  When we have a plan set out and when we was saying ok today we was walking to go see this person, the Lord places those people on our path.  We have a destination and that is when things happen.  For instance this last week we had a wonderful week of finding, all because we had good plans.  Effective plans- stopping by people and while walking we talked with everyone. Because of that we had been very blessed this week.

Taught one of our investigators in a member’s home this week and it was good.  He has been reading so much just since the last time we met. And he has changed so much.   Basically living the Word of Wisdom now, even cancelling some summer plans to go to a place that wouldn’t have been so good for him to be.  The gospel is changing his life. 

Had another investigator come to church on Sunday.  He loved it and felt like he was family.   Things are going really good for him.  He is working towards baptism. 

One of our good finds this week conditional committed to be baptized on April 25th. Which means if he comes to know it is true, he would be baptized.   We found him using the "by the way" finding.  Which means talking to everyone as we walk to places.  

Staying in the same area for this transfer and getting a new companion.  It should be good.  Only other change in the district is one sister will be training this transfer.

Things are going really good here.  I cleaned out our back patio, it was really full with leaves and dirt. I took a broom and swept it nice, then last night coming home a person was giving away a chair. So now we have a nice patio with a chair for when it gets warmer.  We did some service this week and turned dirt over in a huge garden by shovels.  It was warm and so I was just in my shorts and short sleeved shirt.  It’s not hot yet, but hopefully soon.

Great news- heard from a recent convert from a previous area and they are going to the temple this weekend!

Thanks for all the support and prayers! Love, Elder Stevenson

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