England London Mission

England London Mission

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Good Week!

{sorry for the late update- internet issues and a really busy week at home for mom as well- Tammy}

This is going to be short- not a lot of time to email.   Attended a Stake Activity this morning and headed to another city tonight for a training tomorrow.  We have been so busy lately time has been flying by.   My companion and I are getting along great and loving it. 

Last week was pretty good.   It was rained quite a bit lately- grateful to have a car at times like that. 

One of our investigators is going so great!  We taught the commandments and there was a bit of hesitation with them and I was heartbroken.  But two days later we went by and there wasn’t any problem anymore.  The whole family came to church last week and stayed for all three hours. He is planning to be baptized this weekend!  Super Great!!!!!  I will definitely miss this family!

For training this week we talked about the importance of the scriptures in our lives. Then connecting it to our investigators and how we are able to help our investigators getting connected to the scriptures.  Because the scriptures will always be there for them.  So as we help them see how it can answer their questions it will help them.  Loved it!

Thanks for everything!  Love, Elder Stevenson 

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