England London Mission

England London Mission

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Exchanges, Finding and Great Stake Conference

I had a lot of exchanges this week.  And a lot of finding.  And Stake Conference.  Also a little service in there.  One of the exchanges was right by the ocean. 

For service we helped a family clean up their backyard.  There was a pond there and they want to remove it, but the landlord doesn’t want to.  So for safety reasons, having two kids, they filled it with wood.  But since it rains so much, it got filled in with water anyway.   A lot of wood bogged with water and then mud and gunk and stuff.  We started to clean it out.  It was pretty gross.  We did find a lizard living in the pond. The family had never seen a lizard before- so we caught it for their kid to see when  getting home from school.

We did find one new guy this week.  Also were able to teach a few from previous weeks.  One is very sincere and has a lot of questions.  Another doesn’t really have a belief in God, but really wants to find out if there is one, because he knows it would benefit his life.  One we found last week is doing really good, studying everything in depth.  And our baptism is still on for May 9th.  That is an awesome one!  So grateful to be able to lead by the spirit in missionary work to find that one.  

Found out that a member's father spent some time Burley, Idaho on his mission. It’s been some time ago, but he remembers little old Idaho!  What a small world.

Then we had Stake Conference and it was a wonderful weekend.

One of them spoke about asking questions.   How questions come about from misunderstanding, or finding out history of the church that they were unaware of which leads them to asking questions.  He talked about how sincere is the question you are asking. Is it s a very important question to ask, or is it one that is on your mind but doesn’t really affect anything.  He then explained about how we should not let what we know be trumped by the questions upon which we do not yet understand.  One of his examples.   In the 1880’s a man claimed the Book of Mormon could not be true because it talked about having metal for swords, and he didn’t think that would be possible then.  In the 1950’s another said it could not be true for the same reason.  The whole time the church doesn’t say anything about it.  Then in the 1960’s an archaeologist finds an iron sword that was hardened into metal that dates back to 700 BC. Before Lehi was told to leave Jerusalem.  A question that could have caused a lot of people to question was answered years later.  But it was years later.  Someone could have had that question stop their progression in the gospel.   Now it was corrected.  He also talked about how in today’s time there are a lot of questions that individuals have. Which sometimes there are no logical answers to please them, but that the time will come in which they will be answered, either in this life, or in the life to come.

Another spoke about is our current sacrifice sufficient enough.  Basically are we giving our best or are we withholding from the altar of sacrifice.  Three examples that he used- Tithes and Offerings, Worshiping through singing (not just sitting there during the hymns,) and having a broken heart and contrite spirit.   It was a really good stake conference. There is another special broadcast Stake Conference scheduled hopefully before I come home with a visiting authority.  That would be an awesome thing!

Other than that not a lot going on. 

Thanks for everything.  Love, Elder Stevenson

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