England London Mission

England London Mission

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Quick Week

We played golf on P-day.  The deal was the top three didn’t have to pay for dinner. The remaining seven would buy the dinner for the group.  Ha Ha  I killed it!  Won the whole thing by one stroke.

We met up with the Portuguese speaking guy again this week.  He and my companion had a good lesson together.  It would have been a nightmare if my companion tried to translate so I could understand. So I just sit there and thought about everything I could possibly think about in my life!  It was a long hour. 

Followed up with some others this week as well. And had a lot of no shows this week, which means a lot of finding time.   One person said they never let guests into their house.  But we had met them one day and when we stopped by to teach, the person said they could feel just a comfort that they could trust us.  It was really fun to visit with them.  Looking for a church that talks about eternal life and what we need to do to attain eternal life.  It was a miracle to find this one.    One of the people came up to us and gave us all of their cigarettes and lighters and said they were done with them. A really good step forward. 

The ward had a baptism on Saturday and we gave the musical number.  We sang “Teach Me to Walk.” It went pretty good overall. 

Success on Sunday, we had three less actives come to church.  That was great, hope it continues. One is thinking of giving up their job at the present because it interferes with attending church.  What an awesome guy!   Had a great dinner with some young people in the ward.  It was cool. 

Listened to a talk this week about Jesus Christ in Gethsemane by Andrew Skinner- it was super good.  Made me think a lot differently about things.

Sorry this is short, just not a whole lot to say, and not a lot of time.  Thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Stevenson

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