England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Love feeling the spirit so strong!

Went on exchanges again this week- like all weeks.   We had planned to go this one place and find by the way there.  With it being Easter break we knew that there would not too many people there.   So planned to stop by a few people and talk with everyone else we saw.  That morning we woke up to rain! But we started out anyway after studies.  The Elder I was with had worked this area before and said he had never walked this far without talking to someone.  We thought about going back and started going back, but didn’t feel right about it. I prayed to know what we should do.   And we headed back with the original plan of going to see the one member and talk with everyone.  We saw two people on the way.  I still feel strongly that we should continue.  I saw a person just down the street and ran to meet them.  He wasn’t interested at all.  With a prayed in my heart of “help us find this person, ” we continued down the street.  And a lady was there.  We explained that we were sharing an Easter message. She didn’t even know what the Easter holiday was all about.  We explained why.  And asked if we could meet with her one time and give her a website to check out.  She was like ya, can we exchange numbers?  We were shocked of course and said yes we can.  Then we went on our way.  We both knew that we were meant to go see her that day. The lady ended up watching conference, met with the missionaries and is now preparing to be baptized in May!    It was such a wonderful experience to have.  I love feeling the spirit so strongly in missionary work that you are literally being guided to where you need to be. And those being guided to where you are! It is wonderful!

A couple of Elders in the area both ended up sick at the same time. We thought it might be a gas leak in their flat as it smelled like gas.  So they came to our flat for the night while theirs was checked out. (checked the next day and no problem there, just sick at the same time.)  The mission doctor suggested we take them out for a walk in the fresh air.  As we were walking with them, we came upon a lady with her dog.  We stopped to talk with her.  Three of us were in casual clothes and one in a suit- just weird.  But we were talking to her, playing with her dog and just visiting.  She had a lot of questions about God.  She was like that is so cool you guys talk to people about this stuff.  She is really awesome and open to the gospel. The spirit was there, which just goes to show you don’t have to be dressed like a missionary to be a missionary.  We are seeing her later this week.

One of our investigators agreed to watch conference on their phone while on vacation.  Another came watched conference and came to the Easter party and loved it!  Conference was so amazing, I loved it! So good and so inspired and everything was just awesome!!! Talked a lot about, I personally felt, the importance of being a strong member, relying on your own testimony and not the testimony of others or on relying on evidence.  But on the testimony that you have. 

The work is going so well at the moment and we are seeing so many miracles in our work.   Today was my last regular interview with President Jordan.  I have the feeling I will be staying here for my last transfer and continuing to work with the District.  It’s a great District and Zone to be in.  

Thanks for the emails, I love them. Talk to you next week.  Love, Elder Stevenson

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