England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, June 1, 2015

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Well it’s been a pretty good week!

We spent all of Tuesday in the city for meetings, not getting home until 11 pm that night because of the traffic.  Crazy- but the meeting was super good.  While there I realized how much President Jordan counsels with Zone Leaders to know how to help the mission. It was good.

A busy day of teaching on Wednesday and preparing for Zone Meeting on Thursday.  We have 18 missionaries in our Zone.  It went pretty good.  We trained about setting goals, and about having effective studies.   Following training we did an exchange.   I got to spend the day with a young convert to the church.  He was converted through a good friend.  He has a neat conversion story.

Friday we were attempting to do some service for this great member in the area.  It was raining like crazy.  He said here get in my car, I know what we can do.  Then half way there he was like we going to pizza hut!  We had an appointment in an hour, so we made it fast.   That afternoon we went to the campus and taught some students there.  We had a recent convert with us for one of the lessons and three for another lesson.   One of the investigators is on date for the end of June. A super good day. 

We had our baptism on Saturday and it was a pretty good day.  Stressful as always because there is so much to do and so little time. But it went well.   A very spiritual baptism.  A little four year old was sitting next to the font, as we were in the water I mentioned it to him.  He just looked like a guy that won the lottery.  Then he was baptized.  It was great!   Sunday he was confirmed a member of the church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was an awesome experience. 

Tonight we are teaching two recent convert families how to hold Family Home Evening. So it’s going to be a blast!

This is my last email.   Next Monday night or Tuesday morning we drive to the city, drop off my suitcases.   Have a little time in the city while waiting for my final interview with President Jordan.  Then a departing dinner that evening with the Jordans.  On Wednesday morning we get up and get ready. Then the shuttle comes and gets us and we go to the airport. That is that.  Next Tuesday is the Mission’s P-day so I will not be emailing that day. I will just see you the next day! Very late though….

Favorite quote for the week.  “Have I prepared to act, or am I waiting to be acted upon?”

Well thanks everyone for all that they have done, see you all in a week…well  10 days.  

 Love, Elder Stevenson

England London Mission Video of "Glorious"

P.S. I don't know if anyone saw this, but this is my mission doing a song, I didn't make the cut however... but I am not surprised by it....haha -   Elder Stevenson