England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, May 18, 2015

Faith to Find!

It has been an awesome week!  We went to the city and spent the night there before the leadership meeting and then drove back the next day.  It takes four hours on a good day to get there and more with traffic.  It was a really good meeting!

I was just pondering the other day on why things are so good.  And it came to me Ether 12:6- you receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. My faith has been tried for 2 years and we have had so many blessings the last week! 

We had about 15 minutes that afternoon waiting for everyone so my companion and I decided to go down the busiest street in that city and do some finding.  We found this guy who didn’t speak English, with the help of our iPads we were able to translate and explain we could get him a copy of the Book of Mormon in his language if he was interested.  He said ya, and so we headed to the visitor’s center.  Once there, the missionaries were able to take over and visit with him.  So it was really cool. It doesn’t take time to find people it takes faith!

We had exchanges this week with an AP, one of the guys I came out with, it was super fun.  We took him by a family we have been working with and he said they were the best family he had ever meet on his mission.

This family is amazing.  The wife contacted us the first week I was here. We went by and gave one lesson that week.  She was a member and they were thinking their lives were missing something.  This last week we taught them three times.   He accepted a baptismal date of June 14th.  So exciting.  This Sunday was Stake Conference and so President Jordan and his wife were here.  We talked to him and asked if he would go and teach this super cool family with us.  He agreed.  We were teaching them about the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was really strong in their home.   I began to bear my testimony and shared my personal experience with the Plan of Salvation in relation to Kenny’s death.  This family has lost a close friend recently.  President Jordan added a few words and everyone in the room was crying. It was a very emotional and spiritual experience.  It was go great.  President asked when the baptism day was and he said June 14th- President asked if he wanted to move that up to the end of May and he agreed.  Then we started talking about eternal families and the husband was asked who he wanted to be with in the Celestial Kingdom, and he answered with his wife and children. The wife was asked and she said with her husband and children.  The children had been playing there and the oldest spoke up and said she wanted to be with mommy and daddy too.  We then committed them to set a goal to be married in the temple one year from now. It was so amazing! I would serve my mission another 2 years to have the opportunity to teach another awesome family like this.  They are so awesome!!!   

Another find this week- a referral on our phone from the Internet.   After the great meeting with the family we were just loving life and decided to stop by this one.  We get there and a teenager opens the door.  Asks if we are the Mormons and invites us in.  Come to find out he had been researching the church online and referred himself!   He loved what he had reading and 5 minutes into the conversation said I want to become a Mormon, how do I become a Mormon?   What a mature and sincere kid- such a great kid!

We have to prepare for a training for tomorrow in Zone Conference and we have to finish that up and so not a lot of time. And sorry no pictures- honestly we haven’t had any time to even take them.

At the Stake Conference Saturday evening meeting, the Presiding Authority had all  the missionaries stand and then had us sit down in order according to how long we have been out. So since I have been out the longest, he had me come and bear my testimony to the congregation. It was a very cool meeting. Loved it!  Love my mission and the time is just flying by!

Thanks for everything, things are going great!  Love, Elder Stevenson

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