England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, February 24, 2014

Best Two Years for My Life

Last night we went on home teaching splits.  The member told me she was struggling through her mission, she went as an older sister missionary. She just decided one day that she wanted to serve and that now was as good a time as ever.  And she said it was hard, even as mature as she was, it was tough.  But it was the best time for my life.  She said she got that from some general conference talk.

Monday we had a normal p-day and had dinner with an air force family in the area.  Tuesday we had interviews in the next big town.  Usually we take the train because we are limited to 1000 miles on the car for the month and we have been asked to use the train for most meetings there.  But this time, we drove because we are the only car in the district besides the Zone Leaders.  So we provide rides from the train station to the church.  Wednesday I received a call from the President, he said there was a couple from home who would like to deliver a package and have lunch with us, if that was okay.  It was fun to see them and hear some things about home.  After that we did some finding.  Thursday we had a companionship exchange with the District Leader, so we changed for the day.   Me and the District Leader went to the neighboring area and had a great time finding, it was the first time doing street contacting in that area.  We had a couple of interesting gentlemen on the street who weren’t the most interested in what we were teaching.  After one of them, not even a minute later, we stopped a family that is super interested and we are planning to meet them next week.  It was a real testimony builder to never give up.  Opposition in all things and we were able to overcome it.  Following that, the other guy came up and started yelling at us.  Friday we had a companionship exchange with the Zone leaders and it was good.  We were just sitting in the train station waiting for the train.  The Zone leader we were with spoke Chinese and he saw a Chinese gentleman and walked up to talk with him. He had just moved here and was interested.  They talking and the man knew he needed to be baptized and loved the fact all sins could be washed away.   It was great- but he lives in the neighboring mission.  Still- go England with another baptism.   Saturday we switched back and had a dinner appointment with a family in the ward.  They were fixing dutch oven and it took some time to cook. While we were waiting the guy suggested we go into his wood shop and start making a table. It was really good to be working with my hands again.   

We were not able to meet up with some of the people we have been working with last week, but plan to contact them this week.   The weather has been sunny and warm the last few days.  About 50-60 degrees and SUNNY- it’s been good.

Hope all is  well. Thanks for all the love and support,

Love Elder Stevenson.

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