England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Learning to Love the Weather

Here’s a great talk.    It’s called “Will We Finish the Temple, Brother Brigham?”  by Jeffrey R Holland.

Things here have been alright.  It’s been pretty slow with finding people to teach.   On Tuesday we did finding most of the day.  Just talking to people in the little 1/8 mile town center street.  We were walking back and forth, back and forth talking to everyone that we could see.   Wednesday we went to the neighboring town in our area. It was a good time.  We really focused on the less actives in the area that day and we were able to have a  good day.  Through a contact we were able to find one gentleman.  He was going to come to church on Sunday, but did not make it this week, perhaps because his little baby had been sick when we visited. On Thursday we go to another city for District Meetings. It was a good time.  We leave at 8 am and don’t get back until 3 pm, riding the train.  A lot of traveling for a 90 minute meeting, but it is one of the most important things on a mission.  District Meetings are a chance to be trained and instructed by our leaders on matters that will help us to become better missionaries, to help uplift us, and ease our burdens.  Friday we met with a gentleman who was interested in studying some aspects of the church.  We were able to help him to understand a few things.  We also tracted on Friday- a great day for tracting.  It was pouring rain and windy, the winds reminded me a little of the winds at home. But since my mission I have loved to learn the conditions.  If you have a problem with something, change it- if you can’t change it, learn to love it.  From a song on the subway the other day.  “If you can’t get what you love, then you learn to love the things you have got.”   I can’t change the weather, so I have learned to love it, even when it’s cold and wet. 

If you look closely, you can see the pinstripes disappear… that’s where my trench coat stopped.  I was drenched from there down.  

 Yesterday was a normal Sunday of church, a good day.  We talked about families in Elders Quorum.  

Driving around I have seen that they are still harvesting sugar beets here. They harvest with an all in one machine that tops and digs the beets. No implements behind the tractor, just kinda like a combine all in one. I don’t know how they can continue to harvest, it hasn’t gotten cold enough to freeze them at all.

 I’ve also accumulated a nice collection of ties while on my mission.

Missionary work is not easy, missionary work has never been easy.  And according to Jeffrey R Holland, missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience.  Because salvation has never been an easy experience. Missionary work is hard because we learn to love and appreciate the atonement even more once we have walked a few steps in our Savior’s shoes- just a few moments in His suffering.  

Jeffrey R Holland again, I have listened to him a lot.  Just have faith and believe, you don’t know all that God knows. We are living and choose to live in the last days. There will be hardship and trials, there will be times where we don’t know what to do with life. But we must look ahead and believe.  Have faith!

 [This link is to the written text of that talk.  There is a link on the page to listen to the talk as well.]

Thanks for all the love and support.  Love, Elder Casey Stevenson

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