England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Staying in this area!

Staying in this area for the next transfer with the same companion. 

This week we were doing some lost sheep finding.  That’s when the ward has some people on the ward list that they want to find out if they are still live there or not.  So we as missionaries just go out and knock on the door.  Then knock 10 doors on each side if they don’t answer to see if anyone knows where they may have moved, or if they still live there.  Well we were down in the bottom of our area.  It took forever to get there, we had to go on so many back roads.  The back roads here are all paved, just the more back country you get, the narrower the roads.  Sometimes about one car width- but it’s a 2 way road.  So you have to just go along and if you meet another car coming the other way, then, if hopefully you don’t crash; the closest one to a turn out (which is a 10 foot pull thing) lets the other car pass.  The roads are really windy as well.  We finally got to the area and knocked the door. No one home, so we knocked both sides, and it was confirmed that she did live there, so we left a card saying- Hello, her name- it’s the missionaries and we are just coming around to see how you are doing.      We went on our way to the next one.  Which was even further out in the country.   This time no one home and no neighbors to knock doors.

As we headed back to town, we drove through a real farmer’s shop and shop yard.  They had the stuff all hooked up for spring.  A 8330 R hooked up to an air seed grain planter.  Fun to see the farms and all of it again.

Later that night we got a phone call from a lady, she wanted to know how we got her information.  She wouldn’t tell us which lady she was, so we couldn’t really answer her question, as we had more than one that day we were looking for.  We tried to explain that if she would tell us who she was, we could answer her question.  She just said to not contact her again, to which we explained that if she didn’t tell us who she was, we wouldn’t know who not to contact.  She just said to not contact her or she would call the police.  To which I tried to explain again we needed to know who she was in order to do that. She yelled something I didn’t understand and she hung up.  The next day as we were on the train going to the District Meeting, we got a call from the police. She decided to get them involved. They asked how we got her information.  We said we were missionaries with the church and we have all of the membership details.  But if you would tell us who she is, we can tell you exactly where we got it from.  Ended up she was a member, but didn’t remember ever having been one and so asked not to be contacted again. 

Yesterday when no one would listen to us- I was ready to just get on a barrel and cry repentance to the whole city.  But having our record in the police once that week already- I figured I didn’t need it for a second time….

The weather is wet and cold, but the last few days it’s had been super sunny.  Thinking spring is already here.   Here’s a shot of the moon from last night.  

Here’s a link to a great talk from Richard G Scott April 2012

Love, Elder Stevenson

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