England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Scripture Study

This talk by Richard G Scott was touched on in our Sunday School class- I love it!

President Jordan talked about the Greeks and how when they went to conquer an area of land, they got there and burned their ships.   Because then the only way they could go was to battle.  He encouraged us to see what our ships were- anything that distracts from the work- and see if it was worth keeping or if you wanted to give it up to serve the Lord.  [Mom- What ships are we willing to burn to serve the Lord everyday of our lives- not just when serving missions?]

Zone Meetings are a smaller group- just the Zone- a few districts and the Zone Leaders give the training.  Those are held every another transfer.   On those transfers we have interviews with the President.  On the opposite transfers, we have Zone Conferences- when 2 or 3 Zones get together and we are taught by the President and his Assistants.  That way we are able to see the President at least one every transfer.

We spend at least a couple hours each day studying the gospel.  Here’s how I am marking my scriptures and have them set up to help in teaching the gospel to others.

This week we met with one of our investigators and read Joseph Smith History 11-19 about the first vision. The spirit was there.  We decided to fast to find new investigators and to help this investigator also.  We followed up with the investigator and he said he had received an answer to his prayer.  He was encouraged to continue learning more about the gospel.  It was great!  He is going to continue learning more and continuing to pray.

Our other investigator is doing great as well.   We have a good discussion on the apostasy.  I was extremely grateful for the knowledge that I had so I could help him understand it.  Hopefully we will invite him to be baptized this week.

Crazy to finally hear about all of the snow/rain at home, it’s been the wettest winter they have had here in a long time. It’s flooding in the South London Mission a lot.  We were walking by a playground the other day and it was flooded, so they couldn’t play in most of it.  But there were some kids playing on it acting like they were alligators it in that were going to get them. It was funny!   Since I been here I have seen a lot of different styles of irrigation boots, polka dots and striped all colors.  I think I may bring home some nice pink ones to the farm, so that no one will take them ….  Haha probably not!

[Mom- I had attended Roots Tech and heard a speaker- Stephanie Nielsen.  I told him about the story and he remembered her from Elder Holland’s conference talk as well. Link to her story from Roots Tech.  http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865596105/Utah-blogger-Stephanie-Nielsen-promised-God-she-would-share-her-story-of-healing-faith-and.html  ]  Truly people can get through anything if they just work hard enough and have the support that they need.

Other than that nothing too much this week- thanks for all the prayers you have sent out in my behalf!  Love you all much! 

Elder Stevenson

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