England London Mission

England London Mission

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pretty Normal Week in England

This week we had the regular football game for p-day.  During the week we had some lessons with the investigators.  We are teaching a young family who just found the church a few months ago, the father knows the Bible very well.  We were able to be have a member help with one of the lessons this week, that one went really well.  

We are using the survey option and worked in town centre for a while this week.  We usually just walk everywhere as it takes us about 20 minutes to walk to town centre and the buses only run every 20-30 minutes.  So it’s as fast to walk as to wait for the bus.   We have been doing a lot of finding in looking for new people to teach.   Still working with some of our other finds as well.  Some are making good progress

We were able to do some service for ward members as well. We are working on the house that we helped to gut out.  We just finished the wall paper. I must say I think we did a pretty good job for not having done it before. 

Zone Conference was in the London this week.  One of the Elders from home area is now in the same Zone as me.   It was about the new missionary things the church is using now.  Like how worldwide they will teach lesson 5 prior to baptism and some other things from the First Presidency. Zone Conference was good.

The schools here don’t have the long summer break- only about a month off.  Then they have bigger breaks during the school year in the fall and spring terms.  So Young Men and Young Women/ Ward activities and such continue through most of the summer.  We did have a little BBQ in our parking lot for the 4th. 

Nothing too big going on this week.  Thanks for everything!  Love, Elder Stevenson

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