England London Mission

England London Mission

Friday, July 18, 2014

Changes are happening again!

Hello Everyone!  Things are going good.

We had exchanges this week and were in town centre oyming (opening your mouth) and it was pouring rain.  So we were trying to stay in the shelter and we were at the cross road.  I said I thought we should go this way, so we went that way and there were two people on the whole thing.  One wasn’t at all interested. The other one started to take the survey. As we were asking questions, the person said they knew all about that stuff because they used to be a member.  Come to find out it was one we had been looking for previously that week.   We headed to another appointment in the pouring rain and we were running for the shelter of the bus stop.  It started to slow down for a little bit so we started off again, only to get about 50 yards away and it dropped again!  So we were like whatever- let’s just go and we got sooo wet and drenched.  But it was all for a good cause.

One evening we had a few minutes before a dinner appointment and so we stopped at the bus stop to do a gap.  A gap is what we do in our mission for practice. You do a principle from one of the missionary lessons with a scripture and a question all in two minutes.  So we practice teaching continuously.  It is really amazing and I have seen it work a lot. 

A lot of finding for the week, and a service project for some of the members.  That was really good.

On Monday, the whole mission was able to watch the World Cup finals.  President gave permission to do so, if they were recorded we could watch them on Monday during the day.  So we able to do that and have dinner with a member.  During the dinner came the transfer calls from President.  I will be staying in the same area, but my companion is moving to another place.  President asked me to be a trainer for a brand new missionary. I don’t know even know who he will be.  Going to London for some meetings and meeting him then. I was really shocked.  Excited for the chance, but also nervous about it.  We’ll see how it goes.  One of the other missionaries in our foursome has also been transferred out. 

I have to say that since my mission I have come to understand the importance of family history a whole lot more.   Love, Elder Stevenson

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