England London Mission

England London Mission

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Companion

Kind of a slow week with transfers and such.  We played some sports on Tuesday for p-day last week and my companion did some packing as he was leaving on Wednesday. 

All the new missionaries come into the London and get their assignments and companions there.  So the trainers all go there as well.  We had some meetings there as the President interviews all of the new missionaries before deciding which one will be assigned to which trainer.  It was 6:30 that evening before assignments were made. The new missionaries all sing “Called to Serve” and on the second verse the trainers all come in and line the walls of the room.   The President then calls the new missionaries up one by one and announces who their trainer will be. I was assigned my new companion and got some pictures taken.  Then we headed back to our flat.  It was 8:30 before we got home that evening, just in time to do some planning for the coming week.

We had District meeting this week and then went to find my new companion a mission bag.  We had dinner with some of the members this week- which is always really nice. 

We are still using the 12 week training program for new missionaries that was used when I came out. So each day we spend an extra hour doing studying.  That’s a change for me after not having done that for so long.  But it’s important to do, so we do it!  A wonderful opportunity to do more studies.

We did some street contacting, a first for my companion.  Street contacting isn’t that effective when it’s so hot- people don’t want to talk with you, they are just interested in getting out of the heat. Also did some tracting on the way to a referral one afternoon. Tracting has been a little better.  And had some appointments and lessons for the week. One of our investigators bore a really strong testimony this week as we were teaching- that was really neat.  The ward is quite big with several inactives, so we are spending some time in trying to find those people as well as new investigators in our finding. 

Not as many missionaries this week for p-day, so we switched up and played basketball.  The other missionary in our foursome is one that was in my group at the MTC.  It’s been really good.   We have had a lot of talking this last week. 

Thanks to everyone for all that you do!  Love, Elder Stevenson

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