England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hump Day!

It’s crazy this week in the shower it hit me how far into my mission I am.  It really was a countdown now.  Not that I am counting down, but it’s over the hump. This week on my hump day  I saw a camel on my hump day. I thought that was a pretty good coincidence.  My companions surprised me with a treat on hump day also!

Monday we played football like normal for p-day.  It was super fun, I scored two goals.  I might go to pro soccer when I get back- haha!  Not!

We were able to have dinner with some members this week and that was super fun!  And able to do service for some in the ward also.  We have been attempting to play ultimate Frisbee and basketball with the youth in the ward and other youth in the area we are hoping to teach.  Building some friendships and trust.  Hoping to help them feel the spirit more.

We are working with our investigators.  One is still waiting to feel right about baptism.  Just needs to read and pray so he feels ready for it. We did find a new investigator this week that seems to really be prepared.  We did some street contacting in town centre – I spell in English (center- centre) now without even thinking about it.   

Zone Meeting was really good this week.   It was very spiritual.  The spirit was very strong in it. They were talking about sacrifices that we make to come on a mission. The spirit was testifying to me that what I was doing was what I am supposed to be doing that I will be blessed for the sacrifice I give.

At church on Sunday, there was  a talk about keeping the Sabbath day holy.  In the movie “Cars” Lightning McQueen lost the race because he didn’t go into and make a pit stop. Just like in our lives.  We need to make the appropriate stops and go to church so that we can have all things run good.

As we were going through the ward list and stopping by some of the less actives, we came across a man who had been born into the church.  In his teen years, he got busy and quit the church.  He said he wasn’t too interested in coming back to church, but wouldn’t give too many details.  We offered a short message and he began to open up a little.  He shared how a loved one had died and he couldn’t understand how the Lord couldn’t help save them.  It was exactly what I was sent on my mission for- to bear testimony to this man. I shared about Kenny and what happened and bore testimony of the things that happened. He gave us our agency and death is part of the plan.  There is always an end to everything. It was a good lesson. He opened up and it was a good time for us to be there to testify and help him to feel the spirit.

Thanks for the cards, emails, and letters, I love the support. Love, Elder Stevenson

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