England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, January 6, 2014

Good Place to be Serving!

This is a good place to be serving.  The ward has about 100 active members.  The ward building is about 30 minutes away from our flat taking the motor way (highway for you Americans).  There are 4 missionaries serving in the ward. But the ward covers more than one town.  The other missionaries in the ward have bikes and serve closer to the ward building in the city.  We have the car for the outer lying areas and towns of the ward.  The ward members are very good to us and have a lot of dinner appointments for us.  We are working some with the less actives and trying to locate them in the area.  We were able to pick up on a previous investigator and are making some progress in teaching him.  We have some other good prospects we are teaching now.

For the recent Zone meeting, I became the driver for all the missionaries picking them up at the train station and taking them the chapel.   (not photo from Zone Conference day- but photo driving!) Just for the record- I did not take the photo myself!  

We were able to watch a little soccer on New Year’s Day with one of the members in the area.  I’m starting to like soccer now.  This member ended up talking about family and as I was talking about Kenny a little, the name sounded familiar to him.   He checked his facebook that night and sure enough it’s the same Kenny- they must have made some connection through Kenny’s mission.  Couldn’t figure it out for sure, but what a small world!

I have been thinking about relying on the Lord for help and it reminded me of the Book of Mormon.  When they were with the Lord, they were doing good, they were able to prosper in the land.  But then they got pride and it was all taken.  We need to be more reliant on the Lord all of the time and then we will get the things that we need, when we need them.  But if we put it all aside for ¾ of the year, and then towards the end realize we need it, it doesn’t work.   That got me to thinking this morning, I feel like it’s like a testimony. If we continually rely on the Lord it will grow stronger. 

Love, Elder Stevenson

I have learned more about pasta from an Italian serving in the area.   Following a fast, I thought I was hungrier than I was and made a huge amount of pasta with tomato, olives, olive oil, tuna and pasta.
  It’s so good!

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