England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, January 13, 2014

Drought and Missionary Work

Hearing about the drought from last week, I thought about a video I have seen. Thought I would share the link with all of you.


This week was another normal week, we had a Zone Conference on Tuesday so we drove to that.  The goal for this year for baptisms for the mission is 700.  They are really pushing us to teach and find families, that can support each other and bring up the number of baptisms in the mission. The goal for the ward is 12 baptisms this year.  We, as missionaries, are looking to the ward members to help us out on this.   The conventional way of finding by knocking on doors and street contacting isn’t that successful.  But more successful through members reaching out and inviting their friends and family to learn more about it as well.   There was a missionary who just returned from his mission and reported to the ward this week.  It was really good to be able to hear about his mission. He said the same thing.  He found out quickly that tracting and street contacting were not the best way for finding to be done.  It’s through the members of the church.  With 15,000,000 members and 80,000 missionaries; if each member talks to one person a day- then they are talking to more people than 80,000 missionaries can talk to in one day, all day.  He said very simply, “Pray for missionary opportunities to happen in your everyday life. If you are sincerely looking to help the missionaries out, then you will find those people through small and simple things.  You will be able to find those children of God that missionaries can teach.  That missionaries are set apart to teach.”  It was really kind of a very powerful time to listen to him.

Had the opportunity of listening to a talk by Hyrum Smith called “Spiritual Condition.”  It is about how we need to build ourselves in spirit.  Members of the church are always saying wow the missionaries have the spirit so strong with them.  He bluntly said it’s because they want it. They study for 2 hours every day and have at least 6 prayers a day. If every member of the church would do that, then there would be no weak testimonies.  Because every member would have the spirit in abundance.

We found a new investigator this last week.  We found him on Thursday and had a lesson with him this morning.  Between Thursday and this morning, he had found the Book of Mormon online and read 1st Nephi.  He is doing really well.  The one we were teaching last week is also doing good. 

We went out to contact a lady out in the middle of nowhere.  Driving allows me to see more of the countryside.  A couple of shots from the area.

Loved seeing the silos- first time in 7 months for that!  

And a sugar factory overlooking the city.

Made it through six months so time to burn a tie.  Don’t worry it was a tie I bought here and didn’t like that well! 

Love, Elder Stevenson

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