England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Fun Day!

Short email today, we had an outing and service planned with a family in the ward.  We were able to go  tour around a little today with the family. It was really cool.  We went bowling and out to Taco Bell.  Then we were able to do some service for them!  Yeah! I love doing service, we don’t get much of a chance to do it here.  Since this is England and mold and mosses grow a lot in the area, they have to pressure wash the roofs off.  And I got to do that!  It’s like a “winter” cleaning job.  After working in the yard, they treated us for dinner and dessert!

The ward is great.  We have multiple dinner appointments each week. 

For most of the week we have been concentrating on finding more people to teach.  We were able to find one great young lady this week.  She is very prepared for the gospel and so we extended the offer of baptism to her.  Without any dates, just the invitation to be baptized.  And she accepted it!  Have to see how that goes this week when we see her again.  Still working with our other two gentlemen as well.  We have an appointment set for Saturday with the one guy.  We are moving forward slowly with the other one making sure he’s ready to continue.

Time is going by really fast!   Love, Elder Stevenson

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