England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, January 5, 2015

Short Week- Traveling and Holidays

It’s 2015.  This week I was talking with an elder from my group.  He asked "did you ever think 2015 was going to come?"  We were both like nope- and laughed about it. But it’s been a good 18 months and 2014 is over with.  I was so tired, I didn’t even want to stay up till 12 to ring in the New Year.

This was an interesting week.   Transfers meant spending some time traveling by train to get to the new area.  We met our new companions at the train station and traveled back to our new areas.  So I was able to visit with him on the ride back to the new area.  He was able to give me the run down on things here, as far as investigators and such.   Then to the flat to get settled in and some grocery shopping done.  We did a little tracting that evening and were able to find a couple of new investigators.  That was good.

 With the holidays we attempted to do a little omying (opening my mouth- talking with people on the street) but the streets were really full of people and not many wanted to stop and visit with us.    We did a lot of stop bys to check with less actives and former investigators so I could get to know the area a little better.  We also worked on the area book and had a Zone Meeting on New Year’s Day. 

This new ward is great. We have already had dinner on two evenings in member’s homes, including on New Year’s Eve.  It was fun.  The church here has 2 wards meeting in the same building. Our ward meets in the morning and the other one in the afternoon like at home.  It’s great to be back in a familiar Stake.  I have worked with a couple of members here before.   One was in the Stake Presidency before and now is the ward mission leader. He’s an awesome guy and a lovely family.  The other in is the Stake Presidency now. Excited to be working with good people and in this great ward!

That’s about all for the week.   Thanks for all you do. Love, Elder Stevenson

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