England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Feeling better

On exchanges this week, we stopped by a less active and happened to wake him up. We tried a back a couple other times during the past weeks and then later again this week we were finally invited in.  He has a fun story about his conversion to the gospel.  He wasn’t interested in the church at all, but started going to church with his girlfriend.  Then started taking the lessons from the missionaries and ended up getting baptized.  He’s open the idea of coming back to church again now.  We ended up seeing him three times this week.  Found another less active who is also thinking it’s time to come back to church again.  He had a lot of questions in the past and when he moved, he just lost contact with the church.  Not let in by another, so stopped by a lady from last week.  She was home, which was good we had been trying without success to contact her earlier in the week.  We are seeing her again this coming week and hopefully have a good lesson with her.  Still working with a couple of other families as well.  One has started reading the Book of Mormon.

The tradition here is following District Meeting to go to an all you can buffet.  It’s a super cheap place to eat, so we did that this week.  Had another exchange this week, this time an overnight one as I needed to go a baptismal interview up there as well.   Ended up doing a lot of finding with them. 

This is a great ward.  It’s fun getting to know them more.   They are taking good care of us and feeding us.  We got to help with a mission prep class this week.  Didn’t get to go to church this week- I woke up sicker than a dog!  I woke up at 5 am and just felt awful, I thought I was hungry.  So I started an orange and felt worse.  I went back to bed but still didn’t feel better.  The stomach flu has been going around the mission, and it was my turn.  Just spent most of the day in bed.  Still did the call ins that night with the district, feeling the most awful in my whole life.  I just wanted to go to bed.  After the phone calls, that’s what I did.  I woke up the next morning though feeling much better.  So it’s a good thing!

Study of the week. We are continuing to study the Book of Mormon as a mission and I came across this last week. Mosiah 14:5 “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”  Which I really love this scripture because it is so easy to understand. It is clear that Christ did all of it for us. And that through his stripes we are healed.

This is a quote by Dallin H Oaks, “The intensity of our desire to share the gospel is a great indicator of the extent of our personal conversion.”  Which is something that quite a few people have talked about, but it’s just that when we have our own personal conversion, it is natural to then share it with others.

Thanks everyone for the letters, emails, love and prayers.

Love, Elder Casey Stevenson

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