England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, March 24, 2014

Slow Week

Kind of a slower week this week. And a short one because emails didn’t come out until Tuesday last week.  Then a day for transfers, and a day for District meetings.   We are still working with the same people.  Trying to keep in contact with them.  On the way to District meetings this week one of my previous companions had been transferred into the District, so we were able to catch up some.  He talked about a previous area where we had served. Things are really going well there with 4 investigators getting really close to baptism.  That was the new area I had help opened up, so it was really exciting to see that area is continuing to progress.

 We are planning a special 5th Sunday lesson in our ward to give the members some ideas in approaching their friends in a less pushy way.   Going to show some videos to show examples and doing some role playing.  The soccer game for the ward went well this week, it was pretty fun!  

My new companion is pretty cool and we get along super well, and joke a lot.  He actually reminds me of one of Kenny’s companions.  I told my companion that I needed to get a hair cut.  He said he could cut it for me, he cuts his own.  I was a little worried, but he trimmed his own and it looked okay, so I let him do mine.  I wanted a 2 on the sides blended to a 4 on top.  Ended up with a nice buzz job, which will be easy to take care of.  

Also some fun shots from the country side.

Looks like we are probably going to start using Facebook in our mission soon. We are supposed to get trained in it tomorrow.  We already got the instruction book for how to do it.  Really excited for that chance, it sounds really fun to do. 

Hope all goes well this week.   Love, Elder Casey Stevenson

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