England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, March 10, 2014

Finding paid off!

It was an alright week this week.  On Tuesday we had zone meeting so spent most of the day travelling, but it was a good meeting.   Wednesday we went to the neighboring town again.   While there we were able to see a potential investigator- who is now a new investigator. We had a great lesson with her.  It started on the doorstep and we were invited in.  As the discussion continued, we ended up talking with her mom and brother. The mom said she wasn’t really interested, the daughter was interested and wanted to start reading the Book of Mormon;  and the son said he’s possibly interested.   Finally all our finding has paid off.

We stopped by to see another lady we have been checking on about every other week and mowed her lawn.  When her husband got home we were able to visit with both of them a little about the church. A really nice family.

We had planned to get the car serviced on Thursday and called to make the appointment.  11:00 would work great for us and it would take 30 minutes- perfect.  We got there at 11:00 and they thought we were coming at 8:30- and also informed us it would take two hours.  We didn’t have time for that, the service tech agreed to have us come back at 1:00 for a one hour service job.  We went to our appointment and came back after lunch.  It still took them an hour and a half to service the car. 

We had been planning to do service work on this day anyway.  So we were in our service clothes when we went to service the car.   Once it was done, we just decided to continue the service tracting.   You just go around seeing if anyone needs service, normally in places were elderly people live.  So we did that most of the afternoon. We cleaned up yards and such.   Love to do service.

Friday we had to go pick up the Assistant to the President for the workover.  There were three trading places, so we all agreed to meet in a central location and go from there.  The workover was really good. This Elder is headed home in two weeks and so was really laid back and cool with things.  We had a good workover with him.   On Saturday we headed back to the city to trade back.  And finished up the day with some more finding.

Sunday both my companion and I had to give talks in church.  About Christlike love.  They went well.  We had lunch with a family from the ward.  They had just moved into the area. They live in one of those traditional looking English homes you see on t.v. with the back garden all fenced in with bricks and such. It was really nice.  

Taking my theory test for driving today. And then playing soccer with the elders in the Zone. 
Thanks for all the love and support and all the prayers.

Love Elder Stevenson

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