England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, August 26, 2013

Two Months Today!

For transfers last week, we meet in Central London on Wednesday to change companions.  I met Elder Bell there.   We took a true train to Luton.  There are 4 Elders serving in Luton, we opened a new area.  Two are in town centre and we are on the outskirts of town.   We walk everywhere.  It took us an hour and fifteen minutes to walk to church yesterday, we think it’s about 3 and ½ miles to the church.   About 50 members attend the ward here.  A really small Primary and Youth Group, but a good ward, super fun and very nice and helpful.   Our district is 8 missionaries.  We will meet in Luton on Tuesdays for District Meetings.  About one hour walk to get there. 

It’s a pretty nice area, and the apartment is ok.  When we first got there, I had to tighten the sink drain ‘cause it leaked. The shower head doesn’t fit on tight, so it leaks water all over the floor.  Of course there is not a hardware store close, so I can’t get a 3/8 inch o-ring to try and tighten it.  I did Gerry-rig it so it won’t drip on the floor.  Also worked on the bathroom door a little.

We walk everything.  It’s about an hour into town, but there’s an ASDA (like a Walmart) just ¾ mile from the flat and we are able to get our groceries there.  We are walking about 8-10 miles a day.  Tracting during the day is tough because most people are working.  We try to contact members and such during the day and start tracting about 5:00.  We tract until 9:00 and then head back to the flat. 

This week, well today, is 2 months.  It seems so fast, but yet so slow. I just can’t wrap my head around it. In my setting apart blessing I was blessed I would have a desire to stay for 2 years.  Ya, I will stay two years.

One interesting gentleman we met this week. He had studied to be a minister for his church and was almost there, but got sick, so then he just dropped out of his church.  He was a super cool guy.

Today as I was reading my Book of Mormon, I was in Alma reading about Korihor.  He was looking for a sign from God and was struck dumb.  Funny how everyone wants to see God’s power- but boom Korihor you’re dumb and then he dies.  It serves him right. 

Didn’t have a lot of e-mail time today to write and respond to very many.  Sorry, I will try to catch up some more next week.

Love, Elder Stevenson

A note from a letter he sent home earlier this week:

In Elder Evans talk he said, this mission age change was meant for specifically this generation. That the rise to this call was greater than they expected, but the Lord knew it would be this big and knew it needed to happen now.  We are at 210 missionaries (couples, sisters and elders.)  Next transfer 30 more coming in and 8 leave.  In October - 25 come in and 4 leave- almost 250 missionaries!  So many people, but it’s good!    President  is awesome. We have a mission hymn #41 “Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise” with 210 missionaries singing that- wow Totally Amazing! I love that song now. 

Here's a link as performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir- great song!  

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