England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, September 2, 2013

Missions are Important

Tracting story for the week… we ran into this guy that believes in the afterlife, but doesn’t believe in God.  I asked how that worked.  He said it was easy- you die, you turn to dust, maggots eat the dust, the birds eat the maggots, the mammals eat the birds and then your son eats the mammals and it starts all over again.  I laughed at that, it was soooo funny.  We also tracted into a neighborhood of Jehovah Witnesses and had some fun sharing information with them.  We are working with about 14 different people, one is a family who wants to come to church before taking the lessons. 

I got sunburned on Saturday, it was super hot and I have a nice neck tan line now.  I have a nice business tan now- wrist down and neck up.  Looks so fantastic when you are wearing a casual shirt?!?!?  Looking forward to getting the farmer’s tan when I get home.  I do miss the farm. 

The ward is really nice.  We ask all of them this week to pray for missionary experiences for us and for them.  Also talked about them having faith to talk to their friends about the gospel.

Things are going pretty normal here.  It seems like the more days I am on my mission though the more and more I miss Kenny.  Some days it’s been tough and I just break down and cry, but it’s going be alright! I will figure something out and work through it.   Missions are important, even if it is hard, it’s good, and you grow a lot while doing it.

Well Until Next Week,

 Elder Stevenson

Seems like I'm always packing or unpacking.....

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