England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, August 12, 2013

This week is a 40 week! Life is good!

Life is good this week.  We had a 40 hour work week, which is like perfection for a missionary week.  We pushed hard to get it.   It is made up of time worked during the week.   Each hour finding/ tracting - counts as 1.  And for teaching- each lesson counts as 1.  Then you add it up for the whole week.   We ended up with 40.   We were tracting one day and a man in his mid 20's answered the door and said he was interested in learning about religions to come and teach him.  We went back later to teach him, and some of his friends were there also.  They were a little under the influence and were “happy” to hear what we had to say, if you get what I mean.  We just ended up saying thanks and have a great day and left.  Another time we were knocking on doors and the lady said she was happy with her church, but her Auntie was a Mormon and wondered where the church was here, so she would pass the information along to her.  Unfortunately, Satan tempts us harder when we are closer to big steps in our lives; that happened to one of our investigators.  There were some issues and the potential baptism for this week had to be postponed. Satan is very good at what he does.

Another thing from the Mission Conference.  Elder Evans talked about how when you feel that you need to go home; when you feel you can’t baptize; when you feel no one is listening; that is Lucifer just throwing things down.  We need to push those things aside and spend the next 2 years teaching and finding; teaching and finding; and those things will happen that the Lord wants to happen. 

Next week is transfers, and so P-day will be on Tuesday.   Letters are taking about 11 days to get here, so don’t send any this week in case I get transferred.  I won’t know until next week.  I figure:  “Thy will be done, if I’m meant to stay here, keep me here . . . if I am meant to leave, then Thy will be done and I will be somewhere else." Whatever the President asks me to do.  Other than that, nothing new going one, no new talks to suggest,  just studying in Alma and Preach My Gospel at this point.  And not wearing my suit jacket much, it’s too hot here for that.   Only one more grain harvest to miss and two more beet harvests, seems like a shorter time when I think of it in those terms.  Until Next Time.   Love,  Elder Stevenson

Note: Thanks from Tammy, see comment.

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  1. {Note- because of the conference his e-mails came late today. I posted the one about the Conference this morning, only to find he sent more later. Thanks to everyone for the letters, prayers and support. Great minds think alike- he got the analogy of Zion's camp from at least two different individuals this week. Matthew 18:16 " that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established." Thanks, Tammy }