England London Mission

England London Mission

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A White Christmas- Two Baptisms

We had a pretty good week actually.  Several of our appointments hosed us this week, but we followed through with some back up plans and other things.  I have been in town centre way too much in the past months, so this last week we did a lot of by-the-way finding and stopped by former investigators and potential investigators.  

With Christmas time it’s a little slower.  Several of the people said to stop back by after the first of the year- which is two weeks away.  One of those we stopped by to see wasn’t interested in listening to us… her friend said “Oh, you, Normans, always trying to convert people… you can’t convert me.”  (Yes- she did say Normans)  But by the end of the conversation the friend said she needed something in her life and gave us her phone number and address so we could come by and teach her.  Ended up that she was busy on that day, but we plan to stop by in the near future. It was a good testimony builder for us of having backup plans.  Our planned appointment had cancelled on us and so we went forward with the backup plan.  Because Heavenly Father knew we would be there, He put someone in the path that was interested in the gospel.

First ice of the year…..

We had Zone Conference this week and it was our Mission Christmas Party as well.   We had little gifts and had a really good training on the Atonement.  Talking about how Christ was the only means by which we are saved.  How His Atonement is eternal and infinite. It was good.  Then a talk on Christmas traditions and such.  Overall a pretty good day!

We finished teaching our one investigator and he is awesome! 
The ward had a Christmas party this week. The Primary did a little nativity at the end.  Sunday meetings were great.   I don’t know if I didn’t pay attention at home for the Christmas program for Sacrament meeting, but in England they read from the scriptures of the birth of Christ, and then they had all of the Christmas hymns sung.  So it really Christmassssy…..but its good.  The ward gave us so many gifts, it was so nice of them!  We have several appointments with members for Christmas as well.  That evening was our baptism. Two were baptized.  The father and friend of one of our recent converts and she was able to speak at the baptism.  It was really good.

Here’s my posting from facebook recently: “Last Christmas and this Christmas I have been away from home. Which had been hard because of missing the family side of the holiday. But since being on my mission it has helped me to see more fully the true meaning of Christmas, which is all about Jesus Christ, and his birth into this world.  Which now I more fully realize and appreciate.”

I know the Christ was born, that He was preordained to be our Savior. I know that the reason for Christ’s birth was Christ’s Atonement.  That the meaning of Christmas really is Easter.  Which I am glad that a loving Father in Heaven would send His son here to die for us, so that we may be able to return to live with him again.  Which I am so grateful for.

Thanks everyone for everything you do.  Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  
Love, Elder Stevenson

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