England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Surprise! I'm Staying!

Got calls yesterday and surprise! Surprise! I am staying here.  Crazy, very very rarely do missionaries stay in an area for more than 6 months, but I am.  We have been doing really really well. This last week we have put 3 more people on date for baptism so the area is doing really really well and President just wanted me to stay another transfer here.  But he gave me another switch.  He called me to be the District Leader here.  So for those that don’t know what that is.  In our church we have Bishops, Elders Quorum Presidents and Stake Callings in the local areas, a mission has in the same sense, callings. Leadership positions to help the other missionaries and to report on their efforts back to the leadership. So you have the Assistants to the President, which is pretty self explanatory. Then you have Zone Leaders who are responsible for 12-20 missionaries that normally organize the missionaries that are in the Stake.  Then you have District leaders which are responsible for 4-10 missionaries, depending on the district.  So the district here we have 6 missionaries, all serving in one ward.  It will be a great opportunity to serve them and help them, which I am excited for.

The week we have had some amazing lessons.  One we have been working with wasn’t sure he was ready for baptism and so set the date back a little.  But we worked with him more this week and challenged him to pray about it. His questions have been answered and he’s on track for baptism now.  He’s glad that I am staying in the same area. 

Picture on November (11) 11 at 11:11:11

This week we also have three who accepted the baptism date of December 21st, so hopefully it’ll be a white Christmas here.  [white because of the white baptismal clothing]  Just amazing lessons.   We have met with one of them some months ago and this time before we even had the prayer or really started the lesson said they felt the Spirit and wanted to be baptized.  The father of a recent convert has continued to ask more questions and is hoping to find an end to his journey in looking for faith.   So fun to see the changes they are making in their lives to life the commandments we have been teaching.  One changing work schedule to have Sundays as a day of rest and giving up coffee.   Also visiting with some of the less active and encouraging them to come back to full activity in the church.  One of them came this week.

This week we played soccer like normal on p-day and let’s just say I had a really lucky day. I had 4 goals. I mean I am getting so good I am thinking about trying out for the MLS when I get back. I think I could go big!  ~sarcasm in that comment- it’s really hard to put sarcasm in typing~

My companion is also staying here.  One of the others in the foursome flat has transferred and we are getting another one with whom I was associated with in a previous area. It will be really good.  I am excited I am staying for Christmas in this area and ward that I love.  I am excited to have a Christmas in the four man flat as well.  It should be really fun! 

I have started studying the Doctrine and Covenants now.  One scripture I really love- Doctrine and Covenants 25:10 “And verily I say unto thee that thou shalt lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better.”

Thanks everyone for all that you do, for the love and support, emails and letters.

Love, Elder Casey Stevenson

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