England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy November 5th and Remembrance Sunday

November 5th was awesome!  I got a lot of good pictures.  We went with the whole District and had three investigators with us. 

This week was also Zone Meeting.  It was a really good meeting!   The following notes are from a senior missionary who spoke. 

This is not just some work. This is a faith work, this is a miracle work, this is God’s work!  

F-A-I-T-H is
  • Faith
  • Always
  • Includes
  • The
  • Heart

This is the fact that if we have our heart into it, then it is true faith. True faith in Christ should come from the heart.

F-E-A-R is
  • Faulty
  • Evidence
  • Assumed
  • Real

Fear comes from when we think things will happen but they really won’t.  85% of everything you worry about doesn’t come true.

If you serve a faithful 2 year mission, you will be 10 years ahead in life when you get home.

If you want the faith that will lead to miracles, you must be willing to sacrifice to be able to have that faith.

Life is a 4 letter work but the middle 2 are “i-f” ~  “if” we do things then our life will change.

Don’t ever let a missionary decide your mission for you, if you have a disobedient companion, fix it.

Averages are for average missionaries, you’re not average, if you have God on your side!

It was such a good zone meeting, really inspiring.

We taught a few lessons this week, including the father of a recent convert.  But this week we ended up doing a lot of finding.  The area teaching pool is pretty low though, that is what happens when baptisms happen.  So we are doing a lot of finding.  One of our recent converts went out with the other missionaries to teach. One of our investigators wanted to go out with us finding in town centre. At first a little nervous and just watched, but really got into the whole discussion with us.  Explaining how happiness has come because of learning about the gospel. It was sooo awesome!  It’s amazing what the gospel can do to people!

Sunday here was Remembrance Sunday.  It’s the Sunday closest to the 11th of November. So for 2 minutes they have silence.  In the middle of Sacrament they just stop and have 2 minutes of silence. It was really an awesome experience. I had a lot of feelings running through my mind, all of the soldiers, and then Jesus Christ himself.  That they were all sacrifices for us to be free.  Which was an amazing thing to think about that struck me. 

It’s been a pretty good week. Things are going good!

Thanks for everything! Love, Elder Stevenson

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