England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long week of Missionary Work

Because of transfers last week and possibly needing to go to London for them, we didn’t have any lessons planned on Wednesday.   We both stayed, but didn’t have anything planned, so a long day of finding.  Most of the appointments we had planned for the week fell through as well, so a lot more time trying to find people to teach.  One of the guys we contacted gave us his address to come contact him and it ended up being a school…. So that was a real funny joke?!?!? 

We did enjoy dinner with one of the recent converts in the area.  It was pretty cool.  One of our investigators had to call and say not to come. He was locked in his house!  That’s right locked in his house. Houses here in England have a key to unlock from the outside like we do in America, but they also have a key to unlock from the inside, there is not a knob thing on the inside to lock or unlock.  Have to check back with him another time.

As we were walking home one night, we walked past this guy. About ten seconds later my companion said I think we should have talked to him.  I was like ya, we should have, let’s go back.  We went and stopped him.  He was a man that sits there every evening kinda just relaxing.   We found out he’s been through some hard times.  He said some previous missionaries had stopped and visited with him before.  He didn’t think anyone understood how he felt and no one knew what he was going through.  I talked to the guy about Christ suffering for us and how we can see our families again, about the afterlife and all that.  He asked how did I know it was real.  And questioned if I could really know. I said that yes I can actually.  I explained that I know there is life after death, and talked about my experiences with death and how that is why I know it to be true.  I just know it.  He was kinda astonished. But it was a good thing and he agreed to let us come to his home sometime.

For p-day this week we played football. There was a kid from Idaho in the group and so we were able to talk some country talk for a little.  We end up spending a lot of time with the other Elders also. We all stay at the flat during study times in the mornings. Although we cook separately, we usually eat lunch and dinner at the same time. We also have the same planning time and we often see them throughout the day, especially when doing service or at meetings. It’s been good.

  I have been eating a lot of chicken salads and lost about 10 pounds since I got to this new area.
Sunday the lesson was on Sacrifice- latin- Sacer-Facere which means sacred to make, so making things sacred to God. And it was about how true sacrifices are hard to give. It is something that is hard to give up. If it is easy, it’s not a true sacrifice.  But sacrificing is giving something up for something of greater worth. So for instance, giving up 10 percent of your income to receive as the scriptures say- Open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that they will not be room enough to receive it. Something of great worth.

Our mission had 56 baptisms last month, the highest it has been in decades. The goal was 50, so it’s really good.  Truly hastening the work of the Lord.  Next month will hopefully be higher. 

Thanks everyone for all that you do, and for all the prayers and emails/letters I get. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Stevenson

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