England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Week of Miracles

This week I have been reading the talk about being a testifying and challenging missionary, which is something I feel did help all the miracles this week.

One of the families we were working with, but haven’t seen for two weeks, we were able to get with again.  The father had read the whole Book of Mormon, half the Doctrine and Covenants and half of the Pearl of Great Price.  After much testimony and reading he was like next time let’s have a lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Which is funny because every investigator that I have had that loves the Bible and is strong in their faith- they always want to know what gospel we follow and so they ask for us to teach them that lesson.  We suggested he read “What is the Blueprint of Christ’s Church” by Tad R Callister.


It clearly compares the latter day church of Christ vs. Biblical church of Christ.  He is going to be such a great member, so strong in the belief, when the day comes. 

Another day as we were just coming out of a building and a man came around the corner I stopped him.  He was here on vacation.  And said he loved Jesus Christ and was willing to sit down and visit.  He was like I think God put me in your path today. I wasn’t supposed to be in this town today, but I ended up here.  We talked about the restoration and we said a prayer with him.  After the prayer he said he felt good, like something was just lifting him and comforting him.  We explained that was the Holy Ghost telling him that it was true.  He liked the feeling.  We continued talking and suggested the need to follow those things we know are true and be baptized. He opened up his phone to show us a text from a friend about how Christ died for us so that we can live a new life.  Then he closed the text and there was a picture of Jesus Christ as his wallpaper.  I was like- that picture. He was like oh! sorry I will take it off.  I said no that’s a photo our church produces and using on the front of the Restoration pamphlets.  I showed him and he was shocked and astonished and just kept saying that I know God is reaching out to me today.  It was a pretty amazing experience.  The spirit was very strong that day sitting in a town centre.  He is going to meet the missionaries when he gets home.

Another miracle as we were walking to town centre as we had planned to do.  We have been working on stopping everyone between town centre and our flat, so we did.  We stopped one and talked about how God has plans for us in life.  This individual totally agreed saying I feel that the plan God has for me is working right now.  I used to be homeless and had no family or job and one night I prayed. I prayed for His help, I just ask God can you help me?  Within a little bit, I got a job, a few weeks later found a house, got off drugs and now am in a relationship and we are so happy together.  

We had Zone Meeting this week in a neighboring area and it was another really good one. We learned a lot of things.  Our Zone had 7 baptisms last month, the most the zone has baptized in a long time. It’s doing sooo good now. 

About a month ago I had stopped a man who promised to call.  We had given him a mormon.org card.  He threw the card away, but the spirit kept prompting him.  Well he finally called this week.  We were able to teach him also.

They have started grain harvest.  Kind of different because at home if it’s harvest you shut off the water and the grain starts to turn. Here there’s not water to shut off, they have to wait for it to naturally turn.   Kinda crazy, some is harvested already and others are not ready yet. 

Photos of the grain here- weird how everything is so green and the grain is so yellow!

Love you all! Elder Stevenson

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