England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunny in England!

Pretty normal week with a lot of finding again.  We used the new way of contacting and I’m really starting to love using it.  It really helps people to open up a whole lot more.  Found out it makes a difference with those we contacting as well.  Just last week as I was working the street, a young lady came up to me and wanted to know what I was doing. I started talking with her.  She shared some of her concerns with me, at the end of the day I passed her name along to the other elders we were working with in the area because she lived in their area. They were able to make a follow up this week.  She said she was really interested in learning more because of the way I had approached our conversation the week before.  She could see that I was passionate about what I was talking about and so she wanted to learn more.  It was powerful to me, to realize that the little things…. Like the way I talk are important to all of this. 

We are going to a neighboring town to email now.  There were two wards meeting in our chapel and so there were two computers.  But the other building got finished and the ward moved out taking their computer with them. The library in our town doesn’t open on Monday, so we go to the neighboring city, park at the church (cause it’s free parking) and walk 30 minutes to use the computers at the city library there. 

Following a district meeting we were out contacting one evening and came across an interesting man.  We discussed his beliefs and the gospel for some time.  Although we had some common beliefs, we had some real differences.  He wasn’t sure about the whole Book of Mormon thing as we didn’t have the plates.  But he admitted that he believed in the Bible although he hadn’t seen any evidence of it.  We agreed that there are a lot of things we need to take on faith as we don’t see a lot of things we believe in.  We haven’t seen Christ and yet we believe in Him.  He wasn’t sure of the need for prophets and apostles today.  I asked him to show me in the Bible where is said we did not need them. He couldn’t think of any place it said that.  I said that because the need for prophets and apostles did not stop at Jesus Christ’s time.  We kindly agreed to disagree and headed off on our own ways.

We were able to volunteer at the local charity shop again this week. And able to do a little work for a couple of the families in the ward. We love to do service!   We have some great families in the ward who are really good to us. One of them has a little girl getting baptized in a couple of weeks.  She really wants me to be able to come to her baptism… but transfers are next week.  She said she would be mad if I didn’t come to her baptism. 

We are continuing to work with our investigators.  One of them is doing really well. We shared the Restoration and the Godhead with him yesterday.  He really had a deep down desire looking for the truth in his life.

Today was a sunny day!  We had a good time.  We even washed the car so it looks like brand new.  Which is a good thing as we have Zone Conference this week and sometimes they do car inspections and it would be disgraceful to have a dirty car for that.

Transfers are next week- so p-day will be on Tuesday. 

Love, Elder Stevenson

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