England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference was great!

Pretty normal week this week.  A lot of finding and some teaching.  Also attempting to catch up with our previous investigators.  This week we did try a new way for finding.  Usually we just go to the center square and stop people and visit with them for a few minutes.  This week we started using a little different approach. One of asking more thought provoking questions.  Based on their answers, it allows us to be able to share pieces of the gospel then testify about the things. It’s a super nice way.   In the 3 hours there I visited with 20 people, and ended up teaching 6 lessons.  It’s crazy what a little change in the approach can make.  The following day my companion and I tried it in a different town with good results as well. 

I had the opportunity of doing service on exchanges this week.  We helped out some of the members in the area.    It was super fun!  We were also able to help a family who is moving in the ward. Love doing service and working physically.

We were able to have our football (soccer) game on Saturday, as we hold it in the mornings and conference doesn’t start until the afternoon here.   It was a good day for soccer. The second time we have played that week.  We had also had a game on p-day with the Elders in the area.   My companion and I thought we were pretty good and were confident we could beat them.  We ended up being  humbled in the end. 

Conference this weekend was wonderful!  It was really good.  I thought there was a lot directed towards pornography, the law of chastity and repentance.   Also they mentioned more than 3 times the first and great commandment- Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, will all thy heart, might, mind and strength.  Loving someone leads to sacrifice. If you love your wife, you will sacrifice things you want to do for doing things that she wants to do.  Love for God is the same way. Another thing from conference was that God is always God. He is not changing.  If it’s been wrong, it will still be wrong.  If it’s been right, it will still be right.  Also the need to for us to stand up for what we believe in and share it with others!  Same as it has always been.   Lehi’s dream about the tree- he liked the fruit, which is the word of God and he tried to share it with his family.  Another that came up a lot was strengthening your own testimony through daily scripture study and prayer.   We were able to see all of the conference, but the last session.  We went with a man in the ward to the neighboring town to be able to see the Priesthood Session.  We watched the other sessions at members’ homes.  Conference was great!

Love, Elder Stevenson

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