England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I never said it was Easy- Only said it was Worth It!

I think I have a sinus infection, it’s killing me.  If it doesn’t get better by tomorrow I am going to get an appointment to get it looked at.  Got to love sickness!

Been an okay week here in England.  Spent part of two days with other Elders at doctors appointments (not me.)  Had a long Zone Meeting one day.  Had a good bye lunch/party for one Elder who is going home because of medical problems.  Met the new Elder serving in the adjacent area to replace the one who went home.  And attempted to get some tracting, finding and correlating done for the rest of the week.   Went to church on Sunday.  Not a lot to report, a lot of finding and a lot of traveling.

We had set up a potential appointment to meet a new investigator at town centre.  We set the appointment time at 5:30.  Not knowing when we set the appointment- that was the time to turn on the Christmas Lights in town centre.  We never did find the investigator in all of the people there.  Lots of Christmas decorations everywhere.  The ward Christmas Party here is on Christmas Eve.  

There is sometimes ice on the sidewalks in the mornings because of the rain and cold temperatures.  But we are in the flat until about 10:00 studying, so by the time we go out, most of the stuff is all cleaned up.   We don’t have any snow at this point, and one of the members here said they used to get a lot of snow, but haven’t for the last few years.  Have to wait and see what comes this year. 

Still working with our one investigator to get another baptismal date.  There have been some complications along the way, but we have been able to work through them- one at a time.  We think there’s just one more hurdle to jump.   She is so wanting to get baptized- she believes it all!   The saying goes "I never said it was easy- only that it was worth it!"  She is learning to listen to the promptings of the Spirit and to act upon them.  We are still working a couple of others we have previous found as well. 

Tip for missionaries getting ready to go- learn to budget!  It’s a very valuable skill to know in making sure your money lasts for the whole month.  Thanks mom and dad for teaching me that one.

Love, Elder Stevenson

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