England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Staying Here!

Staying here!  With my current companion, zone leaders and district leader!  We will be here through Christmas, and have already gotten an invitation for Christmas dinner from a nice family in the ward!  This ward has been really good to us.  We have 3 dinner appointments this coming week.  For many reasons, glad to be staying here!  We are both excited to be staying, should be a good time.  This transfer has been the best and we are looking forward to another great transfer and hoping to get a lot done.  Things have been going great here for us together.  The lady we started teaching last week has selected December 8th as her baptism date, so we will both be here for that!  We had the Plan of Salvation lesson with her this week and it went really well. 

Picture of my planner- burned the edge because I burned through another transfer.

Because there is no Thanksgiving Holiday here between Halloween and Christmas, all of the stores here put up the Christmas decorations the day after Halloween. 

We took some time and made our own Christmas tree from pass along cards- it was a good time!

I finished reading the Book of Mormon again. I started it about 4 months ago.  That has been good.  The weather has also been good, the warmest in the last two weeks here and it’s sunny!   Crazy!   My allergies are getting better with the change of seasons as well, haven’t had to take any medication for about a month now.   Other changes- with all of the walking, I am getting some good sized calves!

Super excited to hear about the snowmobile.  I was thinking about that the other day.  Wow!  I am gonna miss my old life for the next 19 months or so, but it’s worth it and I know this is what I am supposed to be doing.  The farm and snowmobiling will be there when I get back.  So it’s going to be good.

Love, Elder Stevenson

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