England London Mission

England London Mission

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Survived the Storm

Pretty much a normal week as missions go.   We did have one investigator come to church and see the Primary program, that was good.   And we survived the storm.  It came with 80-100 mph winds- it was crazy!  They say it’s the worst storm since 1976 or so.  We were planning to go elsewhere for  P-day, but a tree was on the tracks from the storm, so hoping we can go later in the day. 

Got an early Christmas present.  One of the guys here bought a new suit and it didn’t fit.  Since the receipt was lost and it couldn’t be returned, he sold it to me for half price.  So now I have an English suit also.

We had an interesting encounter this week. A couple of guys were more interested in debating the gospel with us than learning. But we were able to hold our own and counter all of the things they were able to bring up.  We were able to show the other sides of things.  It was not the best lesson we have had, let’s just say we left it at that.

We had made an appointment quite some time ago, it was weeks ago, and went to follow up on it this week.  We remembered the house when we got there.  We showed up and gave him the lesson on the restoration and it went well.  We set a tentative baptism date for Nov 30th.  Hoping all goes well with this one.

Thought from Elder Jeffrey R Holland given in a talk to the Mission Presidents:

I know you will have missionaries come to you and say why is this so hard? Why can’t it be easier?  Elder Holland said in his loving loud voice, because salvation isn’t easy.  Because each soul means that much to God.  Because salvation must be paid for.   He said when you think it’s a hard day, when you think you can go no more, I encourage you to just think of our Savior.  When he felt he could go through no more, he pushed on, knowing it needed to be done, just think of the Savior when you think you have it hard. You’re just a small tiny portion of what Christ went through.

Love Elder  Casey Stevenson

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