England London Mission

England London Mission

Monday, July 22, 2013

It Finally Rained!

It finally rained here!!!! First time in three weeks!!!

This week was interesting, it started out with 3 baptism dates.  But when it came down to it, one was not accountable to be baptized, another one won’t let us come see him and the third one still has the drinking problem.   We might have to push back his baptism date.  We were at his house and there was a full can of beer on the couch.  My companion was like can we have this, jokingly.  He said ya, so we took it back to the flat and got rid of it.

Nothing too disgusting when we cleaned the apartment, just needed a good cleaning.   Since the washing machine is broken, a sister in the ward did our laundry for us and we hoping to get a new washing machine this week from the landlord.   There was mold inside the walls at the apartment,  thinking that’s why my allergies are so bad inside the flat.  And there’s no AC.  So it’s like a sauna every night, super hot!  We have the windows open 24/7.

The church only a 5 minute bus ride, or 15 minute walk from the flat, not too bad. The ward actually has 243 members on the rolls, but only about 100 come to church. 

Hot weather and Englanders equal no modesty. It’s crazy what people do here when it’s hot.  Won’t go into much detail.  

Food is not too bad.  I usually cook three meals a day.  We have had 2 dinner appointments so far and we have 2 more planned this week. I have cereal and fruit in the morning, lunch is pasta with red sauce and tuna, and dinner is frozen pizza or something. 

We had a mission wide conference call.  New dress and grooming standards on lds.org for the missionaries.   Says clearly be identifiable as a missionary. No more backpacks, only side bags.  Let’s join the London England Mission, by not allowing backpacks at all anymore. [Only side bags have been the missionary standard in their mission, even before this change.]  Just a lot of stuff, you can go check it out later.

Haven’t received any packages yet, just one letter at the Mission Home when we first got here to meet the Mission President.  Haven’t gotten any mail other than that.   I can get most things here if I need them.

This week on Friday, it will be one month.  Only 23 more to go. Just going to live my mission pill by pill, it looks like with all these allergies.  About the Mission President’s wife, your [mom’s] concern turned into a doctor appointment today.  The doctor’s office called to set up an appointment, and I was like I don’t need one. Well then, I get a call from Sister Jordan saying you get into the doctor and get it looked at, you need to do that. So I had to call them back and schedule one. It’s today at 11:30 hoping it goes well. And I will try to get a nasal spray and such. We will see what happens.

I do really miss digging out pivots, believe it or not. I liked that and I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed it until I am out here. It’s just sometimes good to do manual labor. Don’t have to think much about it, just work.  So yes! I do miss that and moving hand lines and wheel lines, just it all. I miss farming a lot.  I am hoping that I will be able to get out on the country side and work with some farmers and do some service and such.  I saw a John Deere tractor, a 6320, when we were on the way to London on the bus.  It was pulling a flat bed semi trailer with round bales stacked on it.  They have round hay bales that are saran wrapped.  I think to keep them better in all of the rain.   Miss home a lot especially the farm and parents, but when I am working I am working and put all my personal problems aside and focus on the people and ward. 

A couple of good talks that I listened to.  James E Faust on patriarchal blessings.  It talks about for a father to be a patriarch to his children; he needs to have the Melchizedek Priesthood and have his own patriarchal blessing; to have the kids sealed to him in the temple; things that should happen.  A really good talk and gave me a better understanding of it.  Also one from by Jeffrey R Holland, “For Times of Trouble.”  Just  a great talk.

This week we had a work over with an assistant to the President. He is from Utah and knows quite a bit about the mission.  Learned a lot from him. Other than that- mission is just mission.

Oh and since I have already dramatically changed…. Can I come home now?  

Love, Elder Stevenson

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