England London Mission

England London Mission

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

First Real E-mail from "Jail"

 There are 58 missionaries at the England MTC.  16 of them are sisters.  Most are from the United States, I think all but about ten of them.  26 are from Utah and 12 from Idaho.  So awesome we are all pretty close. 

 During P-days the kids have got to know me pretty well as the little one that is rough and up there with the big dogs.  We played soccer for one of them and I played forward it was wayyyyyy fun.  Then the next one we played American football and I played wide receiver and caught 2 touchdown passes.

I adjusted the time zone quite quickly after not sleeping for 36 hours on the way here.   The favorite thing to do is sleep….. sadly enough I am so tired all the time and I can’t catch up on my sleep at all. 

Our classes are set up as districts with 10 people in a district.  Our district’s teacher is a Brother who looks just like Alex Johnston- it’s so awesome. He is a great guy and he’s helped me a lot.  I am know as Elder Mouth- I wonder why?  There was a cat that sat on our classroom window seal and everyone flipped- it’s the first animal we have seen since we got here, other than magpies!  (I am missing the dogs.)

The food is pretty good, a little bland but nothing a little salt and pepper can’t fix.  And they have NUTELLA!!!!!!  I am trying not to eat any sweets trying not to gain weight.

We haven’t been outside much.   We did go to the temple grounds on Sunday and walk around in the sun, but other than that it has rained most of the time. It rained for two days when we first got here and it was awful. 

On Sunday the MTC President had told us that we need to all prepare a 5 minutes talk on the atonement and he would announce the speakers after the sacrament meeting.  So everyone got a talk ready and only 5 gave their talk in church.

I have learned a lot this last week.  It is very tiring and also quite fun.  It’s so awesome to see what the spirit can teach you.  We have fake investigators here that we teach, and it’s quite fun.  It gets you ready to know what you need to work on to be better and get better. 

It’s like we were in jail and were not allowed to see the light. The first time we walked outside, one Elder said we looked like a bunch of retards, just by the way we were running around happy and what not.  It was quite awesome, I do have to say so though!
Next week we leave early in the morning on Wednesday, so I don’t know I will be able to e-mail until 2 weeks on Monday.  Just because of the way the transfers work out and what not. 

This is a lot harder than it seemed it was going to be.  With the Lord nothing is impossible, but also that the Lord will never put anything in your path that you can’t handle, so we are getting through it.

We are going to the temple today.

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